U.S. Gene Therapy Markets


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This research service covers the Gene Therapy markets across the United States. The research service provides a detailed analysis of the revenue structure across multiple vectors and delivery systems. Strategic recommendations for these have also been discussed along with revenue forecasts.

Table of Contents

U.S. Gene Therapy Markets, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryU.S. Gene Therapy Markets, Introduction to Gene TherapiesIntroductionMarket OverviewsThe History of Gene TherapyRecent Developments in Gene Therapy ResearchToxicities and Fatalities with Gene TherapiesGendicine – the First Approved Gene Therapy in the World The Human Genome ProjectBasic Genetic Terminologies and DefinitionsObjectives of Gene TherapyBasic Genetic TerminologyGene Therapy VectorsGene RegulationGene Therapy TargetsU.S. Gene Therapy Markets, Gene Therapy Delivery Market SegmentsIntroduction and OverviewGene Delivery SystemsFeatures of Ideal Gene VectorsRegulation of Transgene Expression SystemsGene Delivery VariablesVectors in Gene TherapyViral VectorsRetroviral VectorsLentiviral VectorsAdenoviral VectorsAdeno-associated Viral (AAV) VectorsVaccinia VectorsHerpes Simplex Virus (HSV) VectorsOther Viral VectorsNon-Viral Delivery Technologies in Gene TherapyNon-viral Delivery Technologies in Gene TherapyCalcium Phosphate and DEAE DextranLiposomesElectroporation-mediated Gene Delivery Technology Naked Plasmid DNA InjectionCompacted DNA Technology (DNA nanoparticles) MicroinjectionBallistic DNA InjectionNovel Non-viral Gene Therapy TechnologiesOverviewSynthetic Minichromosomes/Artificial ChromosomesGene Switching & Activation TechnologyMultiple and Novel Vector TechnologiesTransposon Vector Gene TherapyGene Targeting Genetically-modified BacteriaSpliceosome-mediated Gene TherapyGlycomicsU.S. Gene Therapy Markets, U.S. Gene Therapies MarketsMarket OverviewIntroductionMarket DriversMarket RestraintsMarket Engineering MeasurementsMarket Forecasts and Competitive AnalysisResearch Methodology and AssumptionsRevenue ForecastsCompetitive LandscapeCompetitive FactorsChallenges and Strategic RecommendationsIndustry ChallengesStrategic RecommendationsAwardsProduct Innovation AwardTechnology Innovation AwardEntrepreneurial Company AwardBusiness Development Strategy Leadership AwardU.S. Gene Therapy Markets, Gene Therapy Application Market SegmentsIntroductionGene Therapy Application Market SegmentsMonogenic Disease TherapyOverviewRevenue ForecastsCancer Gene TherapyOverviewRevenue ForecastsCardiovascular Gene TherapyOverviewRevenue ForecastsOther Gene TherapiesOverviewRevenue ForecastsU.S. Gene Therapy Markets, Appendix Decision Support DatabasesPhysiciansSpecialized Medical PractionerTotal PopulationPharma R&D ExpendituresPercent Pharma R&D Expenditure

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