United States Influenza Pharmaceutical Markets


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  • Release Date : 31-Jan-2000
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Table of Contents

United States Influenza Pharmaceutical Markets, Executive Summary

Introduction to the U.S. Influenza Antiviral and Vaccine Markets

Objectives and Purpose
Report Scope and Segmentation
Report Structure

Summary of Major Findings

Overview—Influenza Antiviral Market
Overview—Vaccine Market
Analysis by Major Segment
Competitive Analysis
Market Entrants
Market Exits

United States Influenza Pharmaceutical Markets, Market Engineering Research Methodology

Research Scope

Objectives and Purpose

Market Engineering Forecasting Methodology

Strategic Significance of the Market Engineering Forecast
Judging Credibility and Accuracy of Market Engineering Forecasts
Forecast Assumptions

United States Influenza Pharmaceutical Markets, Industry Challenges

Identification of Challenges Facing the U.S. Influenza Pharmaceutical Market

Identification of Challenges Facing the U.S. Influenza Pharmaceutical Market

Influenza Antiviral Market

Influenza Antiviral Market
Shifts in Healthcare Policies Challenge Ability of Antivirals to Penetrate Successfully the Elderly Segments of the Population
Defining and Specifying Role of Antivirals Within Influenza Management in Order to Justify High Price of Treatments Relative to Current Treatment Options
Changing Physician Behavior Within the Arena of Influenza Treatment and Management Vital to Product’s Success
Changing the Patient’s Perception of Influenza Treatment Options Generates Revenues
Educating Patients and Physicians on the Benefits and Limitations of the New Antiviral Drugs Boosts Market Acceptance
Executing Clinical Trials That Prove Efficacious in High-Risk Patients Bolsters Influenza Antiviral Market Acceptance
Improving Influenza Surveillance Systems in Order to Identify Influenza Outbreaks More Quickly and Efficiently Creates Need for Antivirals

Influenza Vaccine Market

Influenza Vaccine Market
Educating the General Public on the Benefits of the Influenza Vaccine Increases Uptake
Complex Vaccine Manufacturing and Development Protocols Lead to Inconsistencies in Amount and Quality of Vaccines Produced Each Year
Price of New Technological Advances in Vaccine Design and Development Needs to Be Accepted Over That of Traditional, Inexpensive Vaccines
Increasing Vaccination Rates in Traditionally Underprivileged and Underrepresented Populations Raises Level of Compliance
Addressing and Formulating Priorities in Vaccine Administration Within the Context of a Cost-to-Benefit Analysis Bring Awareness to the Importance of Influenza Vaccination

Market Engineering Research for the U.S. Influenza Antivirals Market 1996-2006

Total Market Segment Analysis

Overview—Influenza Antivirals
History/Overview/Introduction of Influenza
Influenza: The Basics
Influenza Viral Replication: Three Parts
Influenza Virus Strain Evolution
History of Influenza Antivirals and Their Mechanisms of Action
Influenza Therapies: Future Mechanisms of Action

Market Engineering Research Measurement System

Market Engineering Research Measurement System

Market Engineering Unit and Revenue Forecasts (1999-2006)

Market Drivers
Market Restraints
Market Demand Analysis—Two Markets: Therapeutic and Prophylactic
Competitive Analysis
Pricing Analysis

Competitive Structure

Competitive Structure
Market Share Analysis
Product Analysis
Future Outlook
Products in Clinical Trials

Market Engineering Research for the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Market 1996-2006

Market Overview and Definitions


Market Engineering Research Measurement System

Market Engineering Research Measurement System

Market Drivers

Market Drivers
Recommendations by State and Federal Organizations Boost Vaccination Rates
Corporate Vaccination Programs Drive Vaccination Rates in Healthy Populations
New Technologies Drive Average Vaccine Prices
New Market Contenders Aim to Increase Vaccination Rates
Revised Recommendations by State and Federal Organizations Increase Target Populations
Influenza Management Boosts Public Awareness of the Economic and Health Benefits of Getting Vaccinated
Government-Sponsored Programs for Free Vaccinations Increase Availability of Influenza Vaccine

Market Restraints

Market Restraints
Low-Margin Market Deters Extensive Marketing Expenses
Injectable Influenza Vaccine Limits Acceptance in the Healthy Pediatric Market
Questions Regarding Efficacy of Currently Available Vaccines by End-Users
Perception That the Vaccine May Cause Influenza Limits Vaccination Rates
Hurdles Viewed in the Vaccination Process in Healthy Populations
Limited Reimbursement Policies Restrict Market Penetration of Expensive Novel Vaccines
Constraints on Vaccine Volume and Price Force Limited Revenue Growth Under Contract Negotiations

Market Engineering Revenue Forecasts (1996-2006)

Patient Population (Demand Analysis)
Pricing Analysis

Distribution Structure

Distribution Structure

Technology Trends

Alternate Routes of Vaccine Delivery
Influenza Vaccine Adjuvants
Recombinant Manufacturing Methods
DNA Vaccines

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis
Competitive Structure
Market Share Analysis
Market Share Winners and Why
Market Share Losers and Why
Products on the Market
Products in Clinical Trials

United States Influenza Pharmaceutical Markets, Market Engineering Strategy

Market Engineering Strategic Recommendations

Market Engineering Strategic Recommendations
Corporate Management
Marketing Department
Research and Development
Industry Strategy—A Summary

Market Engineering Awards for the Influenza Pharmaceutical Market

Frost & Sullivan's 2000 Market Engineering Awards

Frost & Sullivan's 2000 Market Engineering Awards

Market Engineering Awards

Market Engineering Awards
Award Category: Product Differentiation
Award Category: Product Innovation
Award Category: Strategic Alliance Leadership

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