US & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets


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This report complements B208-15 European Membrane Bioreactor Markets. This report looks at the market for Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) in the United States and Canada. There are several variations in the design of the MBR technology, but in general the MBR consists of a suspended growth biological reactor integrated with a microfiltration membrane system. Essentially, the microfiltration system replaces the solids separation function of the secondary clarifiers and sand filters of a conventional activated sludge system.

Table of Contents

US & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Executive SummaryIntroductionIntroductionResearch ContentSummary of Key FindingsCritical Market ChallengesKey Market Drivers & RestraintsKey Market TrendsConclusionsConclusionsUS & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Market ChallengesChallenges Facing the Membrane Bioreactor MarketTop 10 Industry ChallengesAnalysis & Impact of ChallengesUS & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Market Drivers & RestraintsForcefield AnalysisForcefield AnalysisFactors Driving and Restraining the Membrane Bioreactor MarketDriversRestraintsUS & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Market Structure & Revenues ForecastOverview & DefinitionsThe Membrane Bioreactor MarketIntroduction to the Wastewater MarketKey TechnologiesMarket Revenues ForecastTotal Market Revenues ForecastRegional Market Revenues ForecastMarket Engineering MeasurementsGeographical AnalysisKey Trends by StateUS & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Competitive AnalysisCompetitive StructureIntroductionCompetitive PositioningCompetitive Forces AnalysisPerceived Value and Strength of Promoted Product AttributesMarket Share AnalysisMarket Share AnalysisUS & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Frost & Sullivan AwardsFrost & Sullivan AwardsFrost & Sullivan AwardsMarket Leadership AwardProduct Differentiation InnovationUS & Canada Membrane Bioreactor Markets, Decision Support DatabaseWater Management ServicesExpenditure for Water and Wastewater ManagementPercentage of Population with Access to Wastewater Treatment PlantsPercentage of Total Population with Access to SanitationPercentage of Urban Population with Access to SanitationPer Capita Water Consumption

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