US Employer-Sponsored Private Health Insurance Exchange, Forecast to 2020

eCommerce Platforms Enabling Consumer-Focused Benefit Selection

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Private health insurance exchanges can be broadly defined as online gateways to health insurance, designed to provide single or multiple carrier options to consumers, setup by a private entity. The study describes and defines the market for private health insurance exchange solutions targeted towards beneficiaries of employer-sponsored health insurance; covers factors driving the adoption and deployment of these solutions in response to dynamic industry shifts; discusses key challenges impacting the market for the use of private HIX among employers; provides an overall outlook for future business and IT trends impacting the employer-sponsored private HIX market; and forecasts revenue growth and enrollment growt

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings—Study Highlights
Scope and Segmentation
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
Three Companies to Watch
Future Perspectives—3 Predictions About Private HIX
2. Market Definitions and Segments
Market Overview—Definitions
Market Segmentation for Employer-Sponsored Private HIX
3. HIX Overview
What is Health Insurance Exchange?
Not Just a Website—Differences Between HIX and Insurance Point of Sale Websites
Two Types of HIX—Public and Private
Key Differences Between Public and Private HIX
Two Key Types of Private HIX—Single Carrier and Multi-Carrier
Private HIX Technology Platform—Back End Versus Front End Functions of HIX
More About the Front End—Key Consumer Engagement Tools for HIX
Emerging Market Differentiation Elements in Private HIX
Benefits and Value Proposition of Private HIX
4. Market Background on Employer-Sponsored Private HIX
Employer Sponsored Health Insurance in the US
Common Sales and Distribution Methods for Health Insurance Products
Key Characteristics of Employer-Sponsored Private HIX
Employers Trying to Figure Out Private HIX Strategies
Pros and Cons of Private HIX for Employers
5. Drivers, Restraints, and Trends
Key Market Dynamics Driving the Focus on Health Insurance Exchanges
Market Drivers—Impact and Duration
Increasing healthcare costs and complexity
Impact of a wide choice of offerings in other industries
Employer-sponsored health coverage is seen as a differentiated benefit
Fringe benefits provided on private exchanges
Market Restraints—Impact and Duration
Lack of a clear reason to believe that transition to private exchange
Political uncertainty
Delay in implementation of Cadillac Tax Regulation
Employers are waiting for opportune
Not all private exchanges offer key metrics
Potential Impact of US 2016 Presidential Election
6. Forecast and Trends
Market Engineering Measurements
Forecast Assumptions and Definitions
Forecast Methodology
Enrollment Forecast (Active and Retired Employees)
Revenue Forecast
Percent Revenue Forecast by Segment
Revenue Forecast by Market Segment
Penetration Analysis—Total Market
7. Forecast and Trends—Market Segments
Total Active Employees—Enrollment Forecast
Revenue Forecast—Active Employees Segment
Total Retired Employees—Enrollment Forecast
Revenue Forecast—Retired Employees Segment
8. Competitive Dynamics and Vendor Profiles
Transformation in the Private Exchange Industry
Competitive Dynamics
Competitive Market Structure
Aon Hewitt
Array Health
Buck Consultants—Xerox
eHealth, Inc.
Empyrean Benefits Solutions
HealthPlan Services
Marsh & McLennan
Willis Towers Watson
9. Growth Opportunities
How to Drive Private HIX Growth?—Five Opportunities Critical for Future Success
10. Future Perspectives
Future Perspectives—3 Predictions About Private HIX
Legal Disclaimer
11. Appendix
List of Exhibits
Market Engineering Methodology
Learn More—Next Steps


List of Figures & Charts

1. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Market Segmentation, US, 2015
2. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Market Drivers, US, 2016–2020
3. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Market Restraints, US, 2016–2020
4. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Market Engineering Measurements, US, 2015
5. Total Employer-Sponsored Private HIX Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, US, 2015–2020
6. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Penetration Analysis, US, 2015
7. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Competitive Market Structure, US, 2016
8. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Competitive Market Structure, US, 2016

1. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Frost & Sullivan Research Methodology, US, 2016
2. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Percentage Revenue Allocation by Market Segment, US, 2015
3. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Market Engineering Measurements, US, 2015
4. Respondents’ Planned Sales Channels for the Sale of Health Plans as of Jan 1, 2016
5. Health Benefits Relationships in Employer-Sponsored Insurance
6. Total Employer-Sponsored Private HIX Market: Total Enrollment, US, 2015–2020
7. Total Employer-Sponsored Private HIX Matket: Total Revenue, US, 2015–2020
8. Total Employer-Sponsored Private HIX Market: Percent Revenue Forecast by Segment, US, 2015–2020
9. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Active Employees* Enrollment, US, 2015–2020
10. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Active Employees Segment Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021
11. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Retired Employees* Enrollment, US, 2015–2020
12. Employer-Sponsored Private HIX: Retired Employee Segment Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021

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