US Healthcare Data Analytics Market, Forecast to 2020

How to Design, Implement, and Govern Value-based Healthcare Analytics?

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  • Release Date : 17-Apr-2017
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A healthcare data analytics platform can be defined as a single, interoperable system that uses retrospective data to produce business intelligence reports that quantify enterprise-level financial and operational performance, as well as, disparate clinical data to enable predictive, real-time reporting of patient outcomes against every episode of care delivered.

Research Overview:
This study defines and describes the US healthcare data analytics market. It covers factors driving the need to adopt healthcare data analytics technologies that identify care leakages, automate patient-risk assessment, facilitate targeted intervention, support proactive member outreach, and benchmark enterprise-level clinical, financial, and operational utilizations.

Additionally, the report will:
• Analyze key market drivers and restraints impacting end-user adoption
• Evaluate existing and emerging healthcare business models centered around data analytics
• Highlight best-practices in the areas of analytics budgeting, deployment, and governance
• Shortlist vendors that can provide best-in class solutions
• Forecast the gross revenue potential of the US healthcare analytics market over the next 5 years

This study is segmented into three major analytics service segments as follows:
• Clinical Analytics
• Financial Analytics
• Operational Analytics

In terms of end-user adoption, this study classifies the buyer market in two broad categories:
• Provider Organizations
o Hospitals
o Physician Practices
• Payer Organizations
o Commercial and public payers including payer-viders

Finally, the vendor market is stratified based on two key parameters:
• Product Relevance
o Enterprise Platform
o EMR Integrated Platform
o Modular Suite of Solutions
o Web-based Solutions
• Business Application Relevance
o Clinical Solutions
o Financial Solutions
o Operational Solutions

Healthcare analytics is widely re
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