US Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians

Overview and Outlook, 2012-2017

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This study provides a roadmap for understanding the patient engagement movement and the use of patient portal technology by hospitals and physicians as the essential tool to drive that process. Included is an overview of macro trends in patient engagement and a comprehensive look at key features and functions associated with patient portals. Major market drivers and restraints for 2013 through 2017 are provided. Also discussed are adoption trends for EHRs and patient portal systems among hospital and physicians. Competitive market issues including business and pricing approaches and a listing of key competitors. The study includes market forecasts for the total market and key market segments for 2012 through 20

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings (continued)Key Findings (continued)Definitions and Scope of StudyKey Issues This Study Will AnswerMarket Engineering MeasurementsMarket Engineering Measurements (continued)CEO’s PerspectiveExecutive Summary—3 Big PredictionsResearch MethodologyResearch MethodologyResearch Methodology (continued)Research Methodology (continued)Research Methodology (continued)Macro Trends: Patient EngagementOverview of Patient EngagementHealthcare, Today and TomorrowPatient Engagement is a Focus of Various StakeholdersAre We Patients or Consumers?Patients are Bringing a Consumer Mindset to Healthcare InteractionsConsumers are Activated Patients who will Increasingly Demand the Right to Access All their Health DataKey Factors Driving Healthcare ConsumerismConsumers Increasingly Want Access to Health ITWhat Do Consumers Value Most?What are Consumers’ Biggest Pain Points About Interaction with Doctors?Enabling Technologies for Patient EngagementmHealth is Revolutionizing Healthcare as Devices and Applications Inform Us about our Bodies and our Environment Health-related Mobile Applications Flood the Market—Most Popular Consumer Apps Focus on Fitness and WeightConsumers Believe mHealth Will Improve Convenience, Quality, and CostMobile Device Owners are Most Interested in the Ability to Communicate with ProvidersA Framework for Providers for a Phased Approach to Patient EngagementBarriers to Patient Engagement and Consumer Health IT Should Not be UnderestimatedSuccessful Patient Engagement Requires Behavioral Change for Patients and Their ProvidersOpportunities to Empower PatientsMarket OverviewMarket SegmentationMarket BackgroundEnveloping Elements Impacting Patient PortalsCommon Features and Capabilities for Patient PortalsTechnology Approaches for Patient Portal ApplicationsWhat is the Difference Between a PHR and Patient Portal? Benefits of Patient Portals for Key StakeholdersMeaningful Use Objectives by Stage and Core Supporting TechnologiesStage 2 MU Will Significantly Increase the Need for Providers to Electronically Share Information with PatientsStage 2 MU Also Increases the Need to Provide Educational Resources for PatientsMore on View, Download, and Transmit Requirements for Stage 2 Meaningful UseIntroduction to Blue ButtonBlue Button Plus Enables All Consumers to Easily Download their Personal Health Information Blue Button Plus Enables Providers to Easily Meet Stage 2 MU View, Download, and Transmit RequirementsONC is Pushing Blue Button as a Core Feature of its Consumer Engagement StrategyConsumer Engagement is Key to the Federal Health IT StrategyDrivers, Restraints, and Trends—Total Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and PhysiciansMarket DriversDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Market RestraintsRestraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Market Impact of Top 10 TrendsDemand Analysis—Total Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and PhysiciansThe Steady March Towards EHRs—Evolution of the Use of Information Technology Among Healthcare ProvidersGrowing Adoption of EHRsGrowing Adoption of EHRs (continued)Hospital EHR Adoption TrendsPhysician EHR Adoption TrendsDefining Patient Portal AdoptionDefining Patient Portal Adoption (continued)Forecast for Hospital Adoption of EHRs and Patient PortalsForecast for Physician Adoption of EHRs and Patient PortalsPenetration Analysis—HospitalsPenetration Analysis—PhysiciansMarket Opportunities to Address Unmet NeedsFive Next Generation Technologies for Patient PortalsForecast and Trends—Total Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and PhysiciansMarket Engineering MeasurementsMarket Engineering Measurements (continued)Total Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians—Revenue Forecast AssumptionsTotal Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians—Revenue Forecast AssumptionsTotal Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians—Revenue ForecastTotal Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians—Revenue Forecast DiscussionTotal Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians—Revenue Forecast Discussion (continued)Total Patient Portal Market for Hospitals and Physicians—Revenue Forecast by SegmentHospitals Revenue Forecast AssumptionsRevenue Forecast For HospitalsHospitals Revenue Forecast DiscussionPhysicians Revenue Forecast AssumptionsRevenue Forecast for PhysiciansPhysicians Revenue Forecast DiscussionPercent Revenue Forecast by SegmentRevenue Forecast by SegmentCompetitive EnvironmentTimeline of Key Events Competitive Market ForcesVendor Types for Patient Portal ApplicationsCompetitive EnvironmentCompetitive Environment (continued)Competitive Environment (continued)Competitive Environment (continued)Competitive Environment (continued)Key Companies to WatchCompanies to WatchCompanies to Watch (continued)Companies to Watch (continued)Companies to Watch (continued)Companies to Watch (continued)Companies to Watch (continued)Companies to Watch (continued)Companies to Watch (continued)The Last WordThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsThe Last Word—DiscussionThe Last Word—Discussion (continued)The Last Word—Discussion (continued)Legal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering MethodologySourcesSources (continued)Sources (continued)Table of Acronyms UsedLearn More—Next Steps

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