US Telemental Health Market, Forecast to 2021

Opportunities to Offer a Variety of Telebehavioral Health Services Will Drive New Growth in Digital Health

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The latest report in the Frost & Sullivan's telehealth series finds that telemental health services and communications enablers are poised to increase in utilization because they offer a therapeutic environment similar to traditional in-person methods, minus the time and costs associated with traveling to a treatment site—assuming one is even available. Overall telemental health market revenue is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 22.5% from 2016 to 2021. This report reviews the data that illustrates the magnitude of mental health and substance abuse issues prevalent across the United States coupled with the documented lack of nearby mental health professionals in many locations. The res

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Finding
Scope and Segmentation
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
Executive Summary—3 Big Predictions
2. Telemental Health Market Background
The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the United States
Economic Impact of Mental Illnesses
Episodes of Depression and Anxiety Disorders
Episodes of Substance Abuse
Challenges of Managing Mental Illness
Overview of Telemental Health Stakeholders
Important Aspects of Telemental Health
Telemental Health Market Segments
3. Telemental Health Market Structure
Market Segmentation—Clinical View
Market Segmentation—Functional View
Common Telemental Health Services
The Rationale for Remote Telemental Health Service
Technical Components of Telemental Health—Video Conferencing Services
Finding a Qualified Mental Health Provider is Facilitated by Online Services
Mental Health Professionals Can Benefit from a Virtual Office
Telemental Health Will Interface with a Variety of IT Solutions
4. The Market Opportunity for Telemental Health
Telehealth Industry Overview and Telemental Health
Ranking Criteria
Telehealth Segment Opportunity Assessment
Telehealth Opportunity Rankings—Total Score
Growth Potential—Telebehavioral Health
Telebehavioral Health—Growth Assumptions
Growth Opportunity—Telebehavioral Health Cross-Organizational Endorsement
5. Market Dynamics—Total Telemental Health Market
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
6. Forecasts and Trends—Total Telemental Health Market
Market Engineering Measurements
Forecast Considerations
Total Telemental Health Market—Revenue Forecast
Total Telemental Health Market—Revenue Forecast by Functional Segments
Virtual Visits—Revenue Forecast
Communications Enablers—Revenue Forecast
Virtual Networks—Revenue Forecast
mHealth Apps—Revenue Forecast
7. Competitive Dynamics—Total Telemental Health Market
US Roadmap
Competitive Market Structure
Top Competitors—SWOT Analysis
Top Competitors Represent Different Positions in Telemental Health Solutions
Likely Market Directions—Analyst Perspective
8. Examples of Successful Programs
Description of a Successful Telemental Health Experience
Proving the Concept
Notable Telemental Health Programs
9. Notable Telemental Health Market Developments
Recent Notable Deals
10. Selected Participants by Market Segment
Telemental Health Virtual Visit Services
Telemental Health Communications Enablers
Telemental Health Virtual Networks
Telemental mHealth Apps—Mood Assessment
Telemental mHealth Apps—Specialized Condition Management
Telemental mHealth Apps—Approaches to Therapy
11. Growth Opportunities and Predictions
5 Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategies
Levers for Growth
Growth Opportunity 1—Standardize State Practices
Growth Opportunity 2—Increase Awareness of Telemental Health as a Viable Option
Growth Opportunity 3—Standardize Reimbursements
Growth Opportunity 4—Go Higher Tech
Growth Opportunity 5—Focus on PTSD and Substance Abuse
Technology—Future Impact on Telemental Healthcare
The Telemental Health Ecosystem—Technologies Add Value to Traditional Interactive Services
Strategic Imperatives for Telemental Health
12. The Last Word
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
13. Appendix
Additional Telehealth Market Segments
Additional Frost & Sullivan Coverage of Telehealth
Select Sources
Market Engineering Methodology


List of Figures & Charts

1. Telehealth Market: Segment Opportunity Assessment, US, 2016
2. Telebehavioral Health Market: Growth Potential, US, 2016–2021
3. Total Telemental Health Market: Key Market Drivers, US, 2017–2021
4. Total Telemental Health Market: Key Market Restraints, US, 2017–2021
5. Total Telemental Health Market: Market Engineering Measurements, US, 2016
6. Total Telemental Health Market: Revenue Forecast by Functional Segment, US, 2015–2021
7. Total Telemental Health Market: Select Market Participants by Tier of Competition, US, 2016
8. Total Telemental Health Market: Notable Deals, US, 2014–2017

1. Total Telemental Health Market: Market Engineering Measurements*, US, 2016
2. Total Telemental Health Market: Clinical Market Segmentation, US, 2016
3. Total Telemental Health Market: Functional Market Segmentation, US, 2016
4. Telehealth Market: Segment Growth Opportunity Total Score Comparison, US, 2016
5. Total Telemental Health Market: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021
6. Total Telemental Health Market: Revenue Forecast by Functional Segment, US, 2015–2021
7. Virtual Visits Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021
8. Communications Enablers Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021
9. Virtual Networks Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021
10. mHealth Apps Segment: Revenue Forecast, US, 2015–2021
11. Growth of Telemental Health, US, 2017–2021

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