US Web-Enabled Call Centre Markets

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Table of Contents

US Web-Enabled Call Centre Markets, Executive Summary Introduction to the Web-Enabled Call Center MarketIntroduction to the Web-Enabled Call Center MarketSummary of Major FindingsMarket Growth ForecastsCompetitive AnalysisConclusionsConclusionsUS Web-Enabled Call Centre Markets, Industry Challenges and Research MethodologyIdentification of Challenges Facing the U.S. Web-Enabled Call Center MarketIdentification of Challenges Facing the U.S. Web-Enabled Call Center MarketInability to Forge Productive Alliances Forces Companies to Exit the Market Lack of Flexible and Open Solutions Jeopardizes SalesName Recognition and Distribution Advantages of Incumbents Create Barriers to Entry for NewcomersLack of Demonstrable ROI (Return on Investment) Threatens Market PenetrationSuccessful Strategy Execution Will Enable Vendors to Capture Market ShareVendors Able to Integrate Into Work Flow Will Rapidly Improve Their Market PositionInability to Develop Customer Focused Web Call Center Impedes Market ExpansionMarket Structure Threatened by Entrance of Internet Application VendorsSlowness to Market Contracts Sales OpportunitiesProcuring Technical Expertise Will Enable Participants to Capture Market ShareTime Frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesTime Frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesMarket Engineering Forecasting MethodologyOverviewStrategic Significance of the Market Engineering ForecastJudging Credibility and Accuracy of Market Engineering ForecastsForecast AssumptionsGlossary of TermsList of DefinitionsList of AcronymsUS Web-Enabled Call Centre Markets, Forecasts for the U.S. Web-Enabled Call Center MarketStrategic Analysis and Forecasts of the Total MarketMarket Overview and DefinitionsMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket Engineering Unit and Revenue Forecasts (1998-2004)Market ForecastsWeb-Enabled Agent PositionsPricing Strategy and Trend AnalysisEnd-User AnalysisStrategic Analysis of the Competitive EnvironmentOverview of the Competitive Environment Overview of the Competitive Environment Vendors with an Internet BackgroundTypes of CompaniesVendors with a Call Center BackgroundGeneral OverviewCall Center Software Vendor Products and StrategiesCall Center ACD Vendor Products and StrategiesPredictive Dialers and Call Blending Vendor Products and StrategiesInteractive Voice Response (IVR) Systems Vendor Products and StrategiesUS Web-Enabled Call Centre Markets, Strategic RecommendationsMarket Engineering Strategic RecommendationsMarket Engineering Strategic RecommendationsBusiness Development Marketing DepartmentSales DepartmentR&D DepartmentUS Web-Enabled Call Centre Markets, Database of Market Participants Market ParticipantsMarket Participants

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