Water Issues in Manufacturing: A Complete Guide to Wastewater Treatment Technologies (Technical Insights)


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Table of Contents

Water Issues in Manufacturing, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryReport ObjectivesReport ObjectivesMarket DriversMarket DriversScope and MethodologyScope and MethodologyWater Issues in Manufacturing, IntroductionWater ChemistryWater ChemistryWater as A CommodityWater as A CommodityWater Contaminant Types and ConsequencesWater Contaminant Types and ConsequencesWater/Wastewater Treatment TechnologiesWater/Wastewater Treatment TechnologiesEPA; The Clean Water Act and Related Government RegulationsEPA; The Clean Water Act and Related Government RegulationsWater Issues in Manufacturing, The Major PlayersCompanies and Major OrganizationsAdvanced BioTech Inc.Akzo Nobel Inc.Aqua Pure Ventures Inc.BetzDearborn Inc.Bioscience Inc.Biothane Corp.Calgon Carbon Corp.CET Engineering ServicesCH2M HillEnvironmental Process Systems Inc.Idaho National Engineering and Environmental LaboratoryInfiltrator Systems Inc.Intelligen Inc.Micro-Bac International Inc.Millipore Corp.Nitrate Removal Technologies LLCOrange County Water DistrictOrenco Systems Inc.Sterling Pulp Chemicals Ltd.Trojan Technologies Inc.U.S. Bureau of ReclamationUSFilter/Memcor DivisionVulcan ChemicalsZenon Environmental Inc.University-Based ResearchNorth Carolina State UniversityNorth Dakota State UniversityThe Texas A&M University SystemUniversity of California; DavisUniversity of Minnesota University of MinnesotaUniversity of Rhode IslandUniversity of Tennessee-KnoxvilleUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWashington State UniversityWater Issues in Manufacturing, The Commercial Potential: Markets and ProfitsAn OverviewAn OverviewMembrane ProcessMembrane ProcessBioremediation and Other Biological Processes Bioremediation and Other Biological Processes Chemical and Other Treatment ProcessesChemical and Other Treatment ProcessesWater Issues in Manufacturing, ConclusionsRegulatory Issues and Other Driving ForcesRegulatory Issues and Other Driving ForcesTimelineTimelineWater Issues in Manufacturing, GlossaryAcronyms and AbbreviationsAcronyms and AbbreviationsStandard Water-Use Terminology (Source: USGS)Standard Water-Use Terminology (Source: USGS)Definitions from USGS Guide to Federal Environmental Laws and RegulationsDefinitions from USGS Guide to Federal Environmental Laws and RegulationsWater Issues in Manufacturing, AppendixUSGS Guide to Federal Environmental Laws and RegulationsUSGS Guide to Federal Environmental Laws and RegulationsClean Water Act as amended (PL 92-500; 33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq. )Safe Drinking Water Act (PL 93-523; 42 U.S.C. 300f - j-10)Part F—Additional Requirements to Regulate the Safety of Drinking WaterCurrent Drinking Water Standards National Secondary Drinking Water RegulationsRecent PatentsRecent PatentsProfessional OrganizationsProfessional OrganizationsReading ReferencesBooks JournalsAdditional Sources For Reading and Reference Found on the Web:Meetings CalendarMeetings Calendar

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