Water & Wastewater Treatment in the Microelectronics Industry

Water & Wastewater Treatment in the Microelectronics Industry


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A complete analysis of the water and wastewater treatment customers in the microelectronics industry.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Market Prospects

  • Content and Definitions
  • Sector Overview
  • Market Forecasts
  • Key Industry End-Users

Strategic Conclusions

  • Key Findings
  • Product Life Cycle Analysis
  • Critical Success Factors
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Structure Analysis

Profile of Demand Requirements

  • Market Engineering Research Measurement System
  • Drivers of Demand
  • Restraints of Demand
  • Regional Comparison

On-site W & WW Treatment Analysis

  • Water & Wastewater Volumes
  • On-site Treatment Plants
  • Age of On-site Treatment
  • Water Quality and Effluent Limits
  • Water Sources and Recycling
  • Trends by Water Treatment Technology
  • Trends by Wastewater Treatment Technology

Customer Satisfaction

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Supply
  • Overall Satisfaction with Suppliers
  • Satisfaction with Supplier Factors
  • Satisfaction with Price
  • Satisfaction with Customer Service
  • Satisfaction with Product Quality
  • Satisfaction with Functionality
  • Satisfaction with Added Services
  • Satisfaction with Reliability
  • Satisfaction with Delivery Time

Purchasing Behaviour

  • Key Investment Decisions
  • Key Purchasing Criteria
  • Product and Service Related Criteria
  • Reliability Criteria
  • Output Quality Criteria
  • Treatment Efficiency Criteria
  • Safety Criteria
  • Size Criteria
  • Life Span Criteria
  • Investment and Operation Cost Criteria
  • Delivery Time Criteria
  • After Sales Service Criteria
  • Product Training Criteria
  • Legislative Compliance Criteria

Supplier Selection

  • Supplier Selection Criteria
  • Brand Name Criteria
  • Product Range Criteria
  • Industry Experience Criteria
  • Quality of Service Criteria
  • E-Commerce Criteria
  • Account Management Criteria
  • New Products Criteria
  • Proximity Criteria
  • Supplier Information Utility
  • Utility of Reference Lists
  • Utility of Company Reputation
  • Utility of Marketing Promotion
  • Utility of Trade Fairs
  • Preference of Supplier Types
  • Customer Loyalty and Supplier Changes
  • New Supplier Acceptance

Distribution Demands

  • Contractual Requirements
  • Replacement Contracts
  • Project Completion Time
  • Component Delivery Time

Perception of Suppliers

  • Key Perceptions
  • Perception of Leading Suppliers
  • Brand Awareness Levels
  • Supplier Performance Ratings
  • Competitive Supply Position
  • Innovative and Responsive Strategies

Investment Trends

  • Total Investment Levels
  • Forms of Investment
A complete analysis of the water and wastewater treatment customers in the microelectronics industry.
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