Wearable Technologies for Industrial Applications

Smart Glasses, Wrist-Worn Devices, HUDs Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Industrial Sector

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With the increase in accidents related to work, a safe and healthy work environment is needed and advancements in technology can minimize mortality rate. Industrial wearables (smart glasses and gloves, head mounted displays, cameras, audio devices, sensors embedded into clothes) are geared to transform the industrial sector by reducing error rate, improving efficiency and safety of workers. With Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), wearables are expected to have high growth opportunities in the industrial segment. The ability of wearables to provide real-time data, as well as perform monitoring and tracking functionalities will complement growth. Wearables establish a connection between workers and the digital

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Key Findings1.5 Key Research Findings 2.0 Technology Status Review2.1 Wearables are Becoming more Smarter and Opening Up Multitude Opportunities in The Industrial Sector2.2 Evolution of Wearable Devices and Growing Opportunities2.3 Smart Factories Creates Opportunities for Wearables2.4 Continuous Monitoring of Users and Machines in Smart Industries2.5 Use of Digital Devices to Transform Industrial Systems2.6 Trend Analysis of Patents for Industrial Wearables 2.7 Industrial Wearables Patent Analysis by Region3.0 Emerging Innovations in Industrial Wearable Devices3.1 See-Through Glasses with Enhanced Visual Aid3.1.1 Enterprise Technology for Manufacturing and Logistics3.1.2 Industrial Smart Glasses with Thermographic Camera3.1.3 Smart Glasses with a Monocular View for Industrial Applications 3.2 Head-Mounted Safety Devices to Alert Users3.2.1 Head-Mounted Protective Measurement Device3.2.2 Head-mounted Voice Recognition System3.3 Transformation from Desktops to Wearable Computers3.3.1 Wireless Wrist-Worn Ring Scanner Increases Productivity 3.3.2 Sleek Wrist-Worn Band for Fatigue Measurement 3.3.3 Connected Wrist Wearable Device for the Logistics Industry3.4 Everyday Fabric Embedded with Smart Sensors3.4.1 Smart Head Piece for Fatigue Measurement 3.4.2 Smart Fabric with Scanner4.0 Key Innovators in the Industrial Wearable Devices Market4.1 Key Innovators and their Innovation Profiles4.1 Key Innovators and their Innovation Profiles (continued)4.1 Key Innovators and their Innovation Profiles (continued)5.0 Technology Impact Assessment and Implementation Examples5.1 Impact of Industrial Wearables5.2 Adoption Assessment of Industrial Wearable Technologies5.3 Adoption Assessment – Analyst Point of View5.4 Snippets of Developments and Examples of Implementation Cases6.0 Strategic Insights6.1 The Road Ahead6.2 Key Questions for Strategy Planning7.0 Key Patents and Contacts7.1 Key Patents: Augmented Reality Glasses and Collimating Optical Device7.2 Key Patents: Augmented Reality for Manufacturing; Smart Clothing7.3 Key Patents: Acousto-optical Display; Protective Eye Wear7.4 Key Patents: Finger Ring Scanner; Smart Glove7.5 Key Patents: Wearable with Silicone Rubber; Wearable Bracelet7.6 Key Contacts 7.7 Legal Disclaimer8.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career8.3 Global Perspective8.4 Industry Convergence8.5 360º Research Perspective8.6 Implementation Excellence8.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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