Wi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights)

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This research service evaluates the recent trends and emerging standards pertaining to Wi-Fi technology. The research also offers an analysis of drivers, challenges, applications, technology roadmap and application roadmap pertaining to 802.11.

Table of Contents

Wi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryResearch OverviewResearch SnapshotKey FindingsScope and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch MethodologyWi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights), Wi-Fi : Strategic Recommendations and Industry TrendsStandards Analysis and Future TrendsOverview of Current Wi-Fi StandardsRoadmaps--Standards and ApplicationsAHP--Prioritization of Hot Wi-Fi Application Sectors for Funding (3--5 Years)Sneak Preview of AHP TreeInsights from the AHPWi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights), Force Field Analysis--Strategic Evaluation of Push and Pull ForcesAssessment of Push and Pull ForcesKey DriversKey ChallengesStrategic Evaluation of Challenges Using CIA GridImpact Assessment of ChallengesTackling Challenges--Industry Strategies and RecommendationsWi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights), Global Developments in Wi-FiWi-Fi Applications in Mobile DevicesVoWLAN and Mobile InternetWi-Fi-Based Location TrackingEmbedded NetworkingWi-Fi in Embedded NetworkingNovel Solution Enabling Wi-Fi in Embedded SystemsSoC Facilitates Ultralow-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity in Electronic DevicesWireless Multimedia NetworkingWi-Fi for Multimedia NetworkingWi-Fi-Based Video Delivery Solution for Homes/OfficesAn innovative 802.11n-Based Multimedia Networking SolutionWi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights), Patents; Contacts; Glossary; and AppendixPatents and Key ContactsKey PatentsKey ContactsGlossary and AppendixGlossaryAppendix A1--Analytical Hierarchy ProcessAppendix A2--AHP Process and Computation--Level 0 and Level 1 CriteriaAppendix A3--AHP Process and Computation--AlternativesAppendix--Challenge Impact Assessment (CIA) GridWi-Fi--Emerging Trends and Standards (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabasesDatabase TablesLaptop Installed Base (2004 to 2014)Portable PC Installed Base (2004 to 2014)PDA Unit Sales (2004 to 2014)Total ICT Spending (2004 to 2014)Number of Teleworkers (2004 to 2014)

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