Wireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights)


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Table of Contents

Wireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor NetworksScope of This ReportWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), IntroductionEvolution of Wireless Sensors TechnologiesEvolution of Wireless Sensor TechnologiesStandardsMarket DriversSome Cutting-Edge Applications of Wireless Sensor SystemsSensor Definitions; Smart Sensors and ApplicationsSensor Classification Based on ComplexitySmart Sensors and ApplicationsTechnologies Driving Sensor DevelopmentMicro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS)Piezoelectric MaterialsIntelligent ControlEmbedded Networking or Wireless SensorsWireless Communications and Wireless SensorsFiber OpticsEnvironmental ControlsWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Why Wireless Sensors? Economics and TechnologyThe Emergence of Smart Devices and Smart SensorsThe Emergence of Smart Devices and Smart SensorsApplication of Smart SensorsAn Application of Wireless Smart SensorsSome Leading Manufacturers of Smart and Wireless SensorsWireless Sensors Have Possibilities--and ProblemsA Profile of the Ideal Wireless SensorLow Power UsageThroughputHow Low Will the Price Go?Moore's Law and the Future of Wireless SensorsIntel's Plan--Optoelectronics and Wireless EverywhereWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Wireless Systems Drive Future Technologies Wireless Sensors to Play a Major Role in Future TechnologiesPlaying a Major Role in Future TechnologiesAutomobiles of the FutureWireless SensorsCommunications and ComputersMedical TreatmentAssociated TechnologiesFiber-Optic SensorsFiber Optics and TelecommunicationsEmerging Fiber-Optic ApplicationsInfrared Local Area Networks On-Chip and Discrete RF Micro-electromechanical SystemsSecurity In The Wireless Information AgeSecurity in the Wireless Information Age"Smart Pebbles" Aid Security and Surveillance OperationsWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Applications of Wireless SensorsFrequencies Available for Wireless Sensing ApplicationsFrequencies Available for Wireless Sensing ApplicationsWireless BasicsAnalytical and Testing InstrumentationMultivariate Calibration--Leaving the Old "Linear Only" Sensors Far BehindSensors Testing the WatersMini Sensors Detect Hazardous Compounds Monitor Molecular Adsorption in Liquids High-Speed Wireless Technology Propels Ocean Exploration Sensors Monitor Mechanical and Structural SystemsUCLA Earthquake Network Sensors Will Improve Building SafetyWireless Sensors May Warn of Cracks Forming in ConcreteSensors Monitor White-Hot Aircraft BrakesSmart Buildings Are the FutureMedical ApplicationsMachine Sensors Are Applicable to Human Ills 'Bionic' Replacement Parts Become More HumanRemote Heartbeat Monitor Will Outperform Current TechnologyNew Diagnostic Devices Could Predict Impending ProblemsWireless Video Saves Critical Minutes for Stroke VictimsA Chip in the Arm Broadcasts a Person’s PresenceCapsule Endoscope--Essentially a Pill with a Video CameraAPA Offers Final Solution to Lost or Stolen Pet ProblemORNL Is Developing Medical Telesensors for the MilitaryEvolving Commercial Products and ServicesWi-Fi Wireless Networks Bring Broadband Access to the PublicFrom I-Mode to C-ModeWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Network Architectures and ElectronicsWireless Sensor Network TopologiesWireless Sensor Network TopologiesMultidrop NetworksWireless Sensor NetworksWireless Sensor NetworksCan Nodes Talk and Listen Simultaneously?Analog Versus DigitalBaseband Versus BroadbandMaster-Slave Versus Peer-to-Peer Versus BroadcastCircuit Switched Versus Packet SwitchedWeb NetworksSelf-Locating Wireless DevicesNetworks Carry Sensor Data: How Far? Networks Carry Sensor Data: How Far? Summary of Simple Industrial NetworksLow-Power Circuits Increasingly Needed in Wireless AgeWireless Net May Require Smart AntennasFCC Approves Limited Use of Ultra-Wideband TechnologyWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Wireless Sensor Networks: Standards and ProtocolsIntroduction to Wireless Sensor TechnologyBluetooth Presents Huge Potential for Wireless SensorsIEEE Approves Fixed Broadband Wireless StandardHiperLAN2: Emerging Standard or European Fumble?Wireless Rivals Recast as BuddiesBluetooth Sensors: Will They Deliver?Disadvantages of Traditional SensorsPotential and ChallengeWireless Sensor ChallengesWireless Sensor PotentialWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Recent Advances in Wireless SystemsMicrosoft Preps Windows Information ApplianceWindows Information ApplianceSimilar Systems to Microsoft'sAnalog and Digital - Hand in HandAnalog and Digital--Hand in HandReady-Made Silicon500 Megabit Throughput GoalWearable Technologies: Fashion Statements or Augmented Reality?Wearable Technologies: Fashion Statements or Augmented RealityWho Are the Potential Users?What Can Wearable Devices Deliver?Are There Any Commercial Models?What are the Technological Challenges?Penetrating the Mass MarketWireless Network Lets Objects Talk BackWireless Network Lets Objects Talk BackCluttered EnvironmentCritters-On-A-Chip Combines Electronics With Living SensorsCritters-On-A-ChipHow the Critters WorkVoice over WLAN: Does it Make Sound SenseVoice over WLAN: Does it Make Sound Sense?Convergence Has Its BenefitsStill there are Challenges...Low Power Wireless ExperimentLow Power Wireless ExperimentLow-Cost NodesWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Company Profiles and AppendicesCompany ProfilesCompany ProfilesAppendix 1: Contacts. Researchers Working on Wireless Data SystemsAppendix 2: A Brief Description of Some Basic Sensor TypesAppendix 3: Wireless Acronyms and DefinitionsWireless Sensors and Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks (Technical Insights), Technical Insights' 2002 Science and Technology AwardsScience and Technology AwardsAwards BackgroundTechnology Innovation: Crossbow Technology Inc.Technology Leadership: Axonn LLC

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Release Date : 30-Apr-18

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