Wireless Technologies - A Blessing or a Health Hazard

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This Insight discusses several potential issues related to wireless technologies including: the connection between brain damage and several types of cancer and mobile phones, health hazards caused by transmitters, health hazards caused by WiFi technologies, extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and interference between wireless devices and medical equipment. Although the Insight does not provide a final confirmation or denial of the claim that there exist potential hazards caused by the use of wireless technologies, it does refer to several studies that provide some evidence on this subject matter.

Table of Contents

Wireless Technologies - A Blessing or a Health Hazard, Do we Need to be Concerned about the Growing Popularity of Wireless TechnologiesIntroduction and Overview of Wireless TechnologiesIntroductionGrowing Penetration of Mobile and WiFi Technologies and SolutionsRadio Frequencies and Electromagnetic RadiationDebates Remain Over the Health Hazards Caused by Wireless TechnologiesOngoing Research Seeks to Answer Pending QuestionsScientific Evidence of Health Hazards Related to the Use of Mobile DevicesScientific Evidence of Health Hazards Related to the Use of WiFi DevicesScientific Evidence of Health Hazards Caused by Proximity to TransmittersElectromagnetic HypersensitivityElectromagnetic Energy Interference with Medical Equipment and Conclusions EM Interference with Medical EquipmentConclusions

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