World Agriculture Genomics and Biotechnology Markets

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Table of Contents

World Agriculture Genomics and Biotechnology Markets, Executive SummaryIntroduction to the Agriculture Biotechnology IndustryObjectives and PurposeReport Scope and SegmentationReport Structure Analysis of the Major Market SegmentsOverall TrendsAgriculture GenomicsAgriculture BiotechnologyCompetitive OverviewCompetitive OverviewWorld Agriculture Genomics and Biotechnology Markets, Market Engineering Research MethodologyFrost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Forecasting Methodology for the Agriculture IndustryFrost & Sullivan's Market Engineering Forecasting Methodology for the Agriculture IndustryResearch SourcesSecondary SourcesPrimary ResearchAgriculture Biotechnology Forecast ModelAgriculture Biotechnology Forecast ModelMarket Engineering Challenges of the Agriculture Genomics and Biotechnology MarketsChallenges Facing the Agriculture IndustryChallenges Facing the Agriculture IndustryInput Trait Market Opportunity Constrained by Finite Farm ResourcesMinor Crops Offer Little Value OpportunityConsumer Resistance Against GMOs in Select Geographical RegionsLabeling Laws Are Unique to Each Geographical RegionShrinking Availability of Intellectual Property/First Generation Plant BiotechnologyAccess to Seed Production and Distribution is Shrinking with Industry Consolidation/Access to Germplasm Locked UpPotential Conflicts of Interest Associated with Genomics Research Partnerships Could Lead to IP IssuesAgriculture Biotechnology is Not Favored by the U.S. Capital Markets Which is Resulting in a Lack of Public Funding for Plant Genomics StartupsPlant Transformation Technologies Are A Major BottleneckProteomics Will Increasingly Become A Bottleneck for the Discovery ProcessMarket Engineering Research and Opportunities in the Agriculture Genomics MarketMarket Overview and DefinitionsMarket OverviewMarket DefinitionTechnology OverviewGene Sequencing (a.k.a. Structural Genomics)Functional GenomicsCombinatorial ChemistryScreeningTransformation TechnologiesMarket Drivers Market Drivers Monsanto's Investment In The Life Sciences Has Spurred Its Competitors To ActionDiscovery Paradigms Developed for the Pharmaceutical Industry Are Being Applied to Agriculture ResearchNew Plant Genomics Startup Companies Will Contribute Additional Validated Genetic TargetsMarriages Between Cash-Rich Agriculture Companies and Pure Genomics Plays Will Fuel Development and Commercialization of Novel TargetsNumerous Applications Exist For Genomics In Agriculture (i.e. Both Conversion And Creation Market Opportunities)Optimization of Current Discovery Platforms and the Development of New Technologies Will Drive The Number of Validated Targets Identified Per YearThe Acretion of Information and Informatics Over Time Will Expedite Target IdentificationMarket RestraintsMarket RestraintsBiotechnology Companies (Particularly Plant Biotechnology) Are Out of Favor With Wall Street And Venture Capital InvestorsInertia Associated With The New Technology Paradigm Will Delay The Availability Of Genomics-based Agriculture ProductsLack Of Precedent For Genomics-based Biotechnology ProductsFuture Market Opportunity for Agriculture GenomicsFuture Market Opportunity for Agriculture GenomicsNet Present Value (NPV) Analysis of Future Opportunities in Agriculture GenomicsTechnology and Market TrendsThe Industry is Moving From Biotechnology Products to Genomics PlatformsAgriculture Genomics Plays are Focusing on Standard Model OrganismsPlant Biotech Financing is Largely Restricted to Strategic Alliances and Private InvestorsAgriculture Firms are Collaborating with Academic InstitutionsCompetitive StructureCompetitive StructureBiosource TechnologiesCereon GenomicsCeresCuragenExelixisIncyte PharmaceuticalsKeygene N.V.Lion A.G.Mendel BiotechnologyParadigm GeneticsSunGene and MetanomicsXyris Corporation (now Akkadix)Market Engineering Research and Opportunities in the Agriculture Biotechnology MarketMarket Overview and DefinitionsMarket OverviewMarket DefinitionsBiotechnology Product AnalysisBiotechnology Product AnalysisBt (Bacillus Thuringiensis)Herbicide-resistant CropsVirus-resistant CropsGenetically Engineered TomatoesMarket Engineering Revenue Forecast (1998-2002): North America, South America, and AsiaMarket Engineering Revenue Forecast (1998-2002): North America, South America, and AsiaTotal Revenue ForecastNorth AmericaLatin America (including Mexico)Asia (including Oceania)Demand AnalysisNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsia Pacific and South AfricaEuropeMarket Drivers and RestraintsMarket DriversMarket RestraintsTechnology and Market TrendsPricing TrendsPricing TrendsCompetitive StructureCompetitive StructureWorld Agriculture Genomics and Biotechnology Markets, Market Engineering StrategyStrategies for Research & DevelopmentChallenge: Genomics is a New And Unproven Discovery Process And Therefore Carries Associated RisksChallenge: Potential Conflicts Of Interest Associated With Genomics Research Partnerships Could Lead to IP IssuesChallenge: Technological Hurdles Will Bottleneck the Discovery ProcessStrategies for Corporate DevelopmentChallenge: Agriculture Biotechnology is Not Favored By The U.S. Capital Markets Which is Resulting in a Lack of Public Funding For Plant Genomics StartupsChallenge: Access to Germplasm and Seed Distribution is Shrinking With Industry ConsolidationChallenge: The Trend Towards Developing a Fully Integrated Functional Genomics Approach Makes it Difficult for Companies With Core Technologies to CompeteChallenge: Agriculture Genomics Companies Are Finding it Difficult to Attract Talent For Management Positions Due to the Lack of Capital Interest in These CompaniesStrategies for the Marketing DepartmentChallenge: Labeling Issues And Anti-gizmo Sentiment Could Scare-off Farmers From Using Transgenic SeedChallenge: Many of the Biotechnology Products (Bt and Herbicide Resistance) are Undifferentiated Making it Difficult to Establish Competitive Product Strengths

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