World Broadband Satellite Service Markets

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Table of Contents

World Broadband Satellite Service Markets, Executive SummaryIntroduction to Broadband Satellite Services Introduction to Broadband Satellite Services Summary of Major FindingsMarket Growth, Opportunities, and Total ForecastKey Market Drivers and RestraintsCompetitive AnalysisConclusionsWorld Broadband Satellite Service Markets, World Broadband Satellite Services MarketMarket Definition and Scope of the ReportMarket Definition and Scope of the ReportIn This ChapterIn This ChapterMarket Context and Industry FrameworkMarket Context and Industry FrameworkThe Broadband Services Industry: Structure and TrendsThe Value Chain Is Becoming Increasingly ComplexThe Two Streams of Industry Development Are Linked But IndependentStrategic Notes on Vertical and Horizontal IntegrationBroadband Markets: Segmentation by End-User MarketsMany Broadband MarketsCompetition by SegmentSegmentation by Technology: Competing Solutions to SatelliteSegmentation by Technology: Competing Solutions to SatelliteDSL (Digital Subscriber Line)Cable ModemBroadband Wireless Access (BWA)Fiber AccessSatelliteApplications Analysis: Discussion and MethodologyApplications Analysis: Discussion and MethodologyDebunking the Myth of the Killer AppBuilding a Taxonomy of Application FamiliesApplication FamiliesStrategies for Broadband Satellite ServicesStrategies for Broadband Satellite ServicesCan We Afford to Maintain the Current Status Quo of Operations?What Resources Do We Have to Invest in Market Expansion Initiatives?Given the Resources Available, Should an Expansion Strategy Be Built Upon a Service Expansion Model or a Territorial Expansion Model or a Mixture of Both?Most Companies Have Dual Strategies More Heavily Weighted to Territorial ExpansionConsumer Satellite Services Now Evolving from Broadcast, Data and Telephony SectorsSatellite-Based Vertical Application Services Are Few But Still EmergingInternet Related Services By Far the Fastest Growing Satellite Service SectorNext Generation Satellite SystemsSlow Growth for Ka-band SystemsWorld Broadband Satellite Service Markets, Industry Challenges, Drivers, and RestraintsIdentification of Challenges Facing the Broadband Services MarketIdentification of Challenges Facing the Broadband Services MarketCompetition from Existing Broadband Technologies Narrows the Addressable Market for Broadband Satellite SystemsDeregulation of the Telecommunications Sector Will Open the Market to New Players and Strengthen the Position of Satellite CompetitorsConstruction of New Satellite Systems and Satellite Space Segment Economics Make Broadband Satellite Services Less Affordable to the Average ConsumerThe Availability of Next-Generation Internet Access Devices Offers Opportunities for Increased Market PenetrationGrowing Demand for Capacity to Support Bandwidth-Intensive Applications Creates Market Opportunities for Satellite System OperatorsLack of Killer Applications Limits the Ability to Capture Consumer InterestFinancial Markets Are Currently Skeptical of New Satellite Ventures, Raising the Cost of Funding for Required Network BuildoutStrategic Partnerships with Last-Mile Access Providers Can Speed the Development of Broadband Satellite Services in Emerging Markets The Need for Frequency Acquisition and Licensing in Each Country Slows the Time to Market Development of Ka-Band Services Offers Opportunities for Market ExpansionTime Frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesTime Frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesMarket Drivers and RestraintsMarket DriversMarket RestraintsMarket Engineering Research for the Internet Service via Satellite Market 1996-1999Market Overview: A Landscape of Evolving ServicesMarket Overview: A Landscape of Evolving ServicesInternet Backbone ServicesHigh-Speed Internet AccessData Broadcasting ServicesMarket DefinitionsMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket ForecastsMarket ForecastsTrends by Geographic RegionTechnology Trends and IssuesTransmission Latency and TCP/IPOther Market and Technology TrendsPricing StrategyPricing StrategyPricing Trends for Internet Backbone ServicesPricing Trends for Direct Internet ServicesDirect Internet Services via SatelliteInternet Services over Competing Technologies Competitive Market Share Analysis: Winners, Losers, and WhyMarket Share Winners and WhyMarket Share Losers and WhyCompetitive StructureInternational Satellite System Operators Satellite Network Service ProvidersWorld Broadband Satellite Service Markets, Market Engineering Research for Next Generation Broadband Satellite Systems 1996-2006Total Market AnalysisMarket OverviewMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket Engineering Unit and Revenue Forecasts (1999-2006)Technology Trends Competitive StructureCompetitive StructureGEO Satellite SystemsLEO Satellite SystemsCompany ProfilesConclusionWorld Broadband Satellite Service Markets, Market Engineering StrategyMarket Engineering Strategic RecommendationsMarket Engineering Strategic RecommendationsClearly Define Target Market Segments and Identify Appropriate Strategies to Succeed in those SegmentsLeverage Satellite Ubiquity by Focusing on Multinational Businesses and Underserved MarketsEstablish and Maintain a Rigorous Competitive Tracking ProgramSeek Hybrid Network Opportunities Take Great Pains to Ensure that Pricing Plans Are Flexible and Well-Formulated In Consumer and SME Markets, Leverage Retail Distribution ModelsPartner with Content Providers and Integrate Value-Added Services and SolutionsPartner to Provide Specialized Solutions for Vertical Industries Consider Partnerships with Internet Service ProvidersCo-branding and Leveraging Existing DBS Consumer Markets

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