World LMDS Equipment and Services Markets

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Table of Contents

World LMDS Equipment and Services Markets, Executive SummaryIntroduction to Local Multipoint Distribution ServicesIntroduction to Local Multipoint Distribution ServicesSummary of Major FindingsIndustry Background Current Activities and TrendsMarket Growth; Opportunities and ForecastWorld LMDS Equipment and Services Markets, Industry Challenges and Research MethodologyIndustry ChallengesIndustry ChallengesLMDS Has Vast Potential But Still Remains an Unproven TechnologyVendors and Operators Have to Address Time to Market IssuesVendors Are Challenged to Counter Propagation Characteristics of High Frequencies LMDS Will Be a CLEC Play and CLECs Have Unique Business and Operational ChallengesVariable Operational History of Operators Extends Responsibilities of Equipment VendorsProject Financing and Access to CapitalAvoiding Technology Hype and Setting of Realistic Expectations to Ensure Smooth Technological ProgressObtaining Access to Strategic Roof Top Sights Transition from Trial Scale to Wide Deployment ScaleCPE Equipment Manufacturing and Technological ChallengesFrequency Allocations Differ Across CountriesTime Frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesTime Frame Analysis of Industry ChallengesMarket Engineering Forecasting MethodologyOverviewStrategic Significance of the Market Engineering ForecastJudging Credibility and Accuracy of Market Engineering ForecastsForecast AssumptionsGlossary of TermsList of DefinitionsList of AcronymsMarket Engineering Research for the World LMDS Market Market Definitions and OverviewMarket Definitions and OverviewThe LMDS SolutionTechnical DescriptionNetwork Deployment Issues and Variable CostsLMDS—An Evolving Business Model The Race to the Final Mile—Competing TechnologiesLMDS—Industry StructureLMDS—Industry StructureMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket Engineering Research Measurement SystemMarket DriversMarket DriversBandwidth Demand in the Last Mile Access LinkEconomic Benefits of LMDS Will Be a Key FactorShorter Time to Deployment—Instant Infrastructure EffectLocal Loop Bypass and the Next Generation NetworkFavorable Regulatory SupportMassive International Growth PotentialPresence of Major Telecom Vendors is A Major FactorLMDS Supports the "New Generation Carrier " Model Network Scalability and Modularity for Future GrowthLarge Carriers Looking to Broaden Portfolio of Services Will Be Attracted to LMDS in the FutureMarket RestraintsMarket RestraintsPropagation Characteristics at High Frequencies Could Extend Learning Curves and Delay Commercial DeploymentMarket Launch of Competing Technologies to Service Last Mile Access LinksInvestor Skepticism and Access to Project Financing Line of Sight Issues Limits Size of Addressable MarketProblems in Getting Access to Strategic Roof Top LocationsIncreasing Deployment of Fiber in the Last MileLMDS ApplicationsLMDS ApplicationsVoice ApplicationsCorporate Data ApplicationsCarrier ServicesLMDS Regulatory Issues and Market DevelopmentLMDS Regulatory Issues and Market DevelopmentLMDS Technology Trends and IssuesLMDS Technology Trends and IssuesPropagation Problems and Rain FadeUpgrading Existing Point to Point Systems to Point to MultipointTraffic Characteristics Determine Access MethodsATM Has Emerged as the Transport Protocol of ChoiceMarket Forecasts 1999-2005Market Forecasts 1999-2005Total LMDS MarketLMDS Geographic Market ModelTotal LMDS Infrastructure Equipment MarketTotal LMDS Hub Site Equipment Market Revenue Forecasts for LMDS Hub Site Equipment MarketPricing Trends Total LMDS Customer Premises Equipment Market LMDS Services Market ForecastsLMDS Operator ProfileProject FinancingCompetitive Analysis of the Global LMDS MarketIntroductionIntroductionCompetitive Analysis of the LMDS Equipment MarketCompetitive Analysis of the LMDS Equipment MarketEvolution of the Competitive Landscape in the LMDS Equipment MarketLMDS Equipment Market—Industry StructureLMDS Equipment Market— Strategic Competitive AnalysisLMDS Equipment Market— Strategic Competitive AnalysisAssessment of Major Market ParticipantsAssessment of Major Market ParticipantsLucentNortelNewbridge NetworksAlcatelBosch TelecomHughes Network SystemsMarket Share AnalysisCompetitive Analysis for the LMDS Services MarketCompetitive Analysis for the LMDS Services MarketCompetitive Trends in the LMDS Services MarketWorld LMDS Equipment and Services Markets, Database of Key Industry ParticipantsMarket ParticipantsMarket Participants

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