Advances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights)

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A detailed assessment of advances in laser systems in the electronics, industrial, medical, aerospace & defense and other niche markets have been analyzed in this research service.

Table of Contents

Advances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyKey FindingsNoteworthy Emerging TechnologiesNoteworthy ApplicationsAssessment of Competing TechnologiesAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Technology and Applications ViewpointTechnology and Applications AnalysisTechnology PrimerApplications Analysis and TrendsAnalysis and Ranking of Application SegmentsMicroelectronics (Semiconductors and Electronic Devices) Applications Impact AnalysisIndustrial Applications Impact AnalysisMedical Applications Impact AnalysisAerospace and Defense Applications Impact AnalysisNiche Applications Impact AnalysisStakeholder Assessment and Analysis; Regulatory IssuesStakeholder Assessment and AnalysisRegulatory; Environmental; and Political FactorsInfluential Market FactorsM&A AnalysisIndustry TrendsAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisAnalysis of Technology RestraintsRegulatory Hurdles and Standards AssessmentTechnology or Product-Development RestraintsCompeting TechnologiesAnalysis of Technology DriversTechnology Features and BenefitsAdoption Drivers for Laser SystemsAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Microelectronics (Semiconductor and Electronic Devices)Assessment of Innovation in North AmericaLeading Supplier of DUV Light Source Picks LPP for Next-Generation LithographyLaser Systems Boost Production Yields of Semiconductor DevicesIntel Scientists Make First Silicon LaserAdvantages of UV Lasers for Processing WafersLANL Develops Tunable Quantum Dot LasersWhen Quantum Computers Arrive NIST Has Technology to Keep Them Error FreeCarbon Nanotubes Being Used in Detectors for Laser Power MeasurementsNovel Lasing Quantum Dots Developed at University of Missouri-RollaAssessment of Innovation in Rest of the WorldUK’s Powerlase Develops LPP EUV SourceUnique Water-Jet-Guided Lasers Excel in Wafer ProcessingIrish Company Offers Innovative Micromachining for Semiconductor MaterialsJapan Invests in EUV TechnologyBlu-Ray Disc: Next-Generation Large-Capacity Optical StorageAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Industrial MarketsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaLasers Move into Scoring/Perfing Flexible Packaging MarketIndustrial Fiber Lasers Are Gaining Market ShareQuasi CW Mode-locking Platform Is an Exceptionally Reliable UV SourceLLNL Seeks Licensee for Novel Laser Disk TechnologyLasers Slice Cheese for Wisconsin IndustryAssessment of Innovation in Rest of the WorldLeica’s Laser Trackers Find Worldwide Industrial AcceptanceRofin-Sinar Introduces Diode-pumped Disk LasersUK Spin-Off Developing High-Power Fiber LasersLaser Marking System for Multiple Marking ApplicationsAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Medical MarketsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaLaser Treatment Enhances Wound HealingLow-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): Photons Provide ReliefNear-IR Laser Energizes Nanoparticles for Tumor AblationBiocavity Laser Aids in Cancer Cell DetectionMultiwavelength Digital Holography (MWDH) Has Medical ApplicationsUltrafast Laser May Treat CancerLaser Treatments Effective for Acne Scars and Sun-Damaged SkinLaser Stimulation of Nerves Is Safe; Precise; and EffectiveAssessment of Innovation in Rest of the WorldPhotoacoustic Noninvasive Glucose Monitor PatentedDiseases Diagnosed with Laser-Based Breath AnalyzerMiniature Violet Laser Delivers Genes to CellsAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Aerospace and Defense MarketsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaNASA/ESA Join in Space Mission to Detect Gravitational WavesNASA-MIT Designing Interplanetary Laser to Communicate with MarsORNL and Fisk University Collaborate on IR Lasers for DefenseUS Developing an Airborne Laser ProgramUS DoD Initiatives in High-Energy Laser TechnologyDARPA SHEDS Program Targets 85% Power Conversion EfficiencyField Test for Anthrax Developed Using Raman SpectroscopyAssessment of Innovation in Rest of the WorldAdvanced Disk Laser Developed for Space Applications in GermanyMobile Tactical High-Energy Laser—Joint Israel/US Defense Weapon EffortJapanese R&D Uses Laser-Based Space Solar Power Systems (L-SSPS)Advances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in Niche MarketsAssessment of Innovations in North AmericaCommercial Printers Adopting Laser-Based Computer-to-Plate ImageryLaser Applications in the Construction IndustryApplications for Portable Tunable-Diode Laser Absorption SpectroscopyNational Ignition Facility Building World’s Largest LaserNASA’s Laser Cooling R&DAssessment of Innovation in Rest of the WorldLaser-Projection Systems Enter Military Flight Simulation MarketGerman Team Develops Deep Blue and UV Tunable Organic Solid-State LasersStatus of Ultrafast Erbium Fiber SystemsPersistent Organic Pollutants Tracked with Two-Photon Excitation MicroscopyHoley Optical Fibers Attracting Major R&DLaser Micropyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry: Applications3D Laser Radar for Traffic MonitoringAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Analysis of Funding Sources and Innovation AssessmentVenture Capital and Public Sector Funding AnalysisVenture Capital AnalysisPublic Sector Funding AnalysisCompany Funding and Innovation AssessmentCompany FundingInnovation AssessmentAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Patents; Database of Key Industry Participants; and GlossaryPatents and Database of Key Industry ParticipantsPatents in MarchPatents in FebruaryGlossary and Database of Key Industry ParticipantsGlossaryDatabase of Key Industry ParticipantsAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology LeadershipAward DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in TechnologyAward DescriptionAward RecipientAdvances in Laser Systems (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support DatabaseMilitary ExpenditureGovernment Healthcare ExpenditurePrivate Healthcare Expenditure

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