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  1. Executive Analysis of Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in Cars, Forecast to 2025
    Sep 2016

    Executive Analysis of Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in Cars, Forecast to 2025

    Investments Worth $7.1 Billion to Develop 12 Use Cases across 3 Broad Applications by 2025

    Region : North America

    Scope of the report The research report includes the following segments: Product scope: Self-learning AI in cars - Autonomous Cars, Virtual Assistance in Cars, new revenue streams through data analytics and licensing, and HAD mapping Geographic scope: North America, Europe, China, and Japan End-user scope: Automotive Industry Participants Drivers...
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  2. Future of Artificial Intelligence
    Apr 2016

    Future of Artificial Intelligence

    Investigating the Hardware and Machine Learning Technologies that would Realize the AI Agents of the Future

    Region : Europe

    With improvements in data acquisition and computing power, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more of a reality each day. Companies are constantly developing self-evolving machine learning approaches and hardware enhancements to support AI applications. This study explores new innovations in machine learning and computing that will enable the...
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  3. Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence Systems in Healthcare
    Dec 2015

    Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence Systems in Healthcare

    Ramping Up a $6 Billion Dollar Market Opportunity

    Region : Global

    Shifts to how healthcare is delivered, where it is delivered, and how it is paid for are necessitating adoption of innovative tools for managing information. A key challenge is to appropriately assess the importance of various quantitative metrics, as well as correlate with qualitative recommendations and patient history. The voluminous forms of un...
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  4. Game Changers—Artificial Intelligence: What You Need to Know
    Nov 2015

    Game Changers—Artificial Intelligence: What You Need to Know

    Understanding the Impact and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

    Region : Global

    It is difficult to understand what is happening in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). New developments seem to happen weekly, and companies use different words to describe their products. The terms artificial intelligence, cognitive intelligence, autonomous machines, and machine learning are all thrown around. This research brings clarity t...
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  5. Could Artificial Intelligence Win the Payment Fraud War?
    Oct 2015
    Globally, the situation is similar. In 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) published a report that highlighted fraud trends: €1 in every €2.635 spent on credit and debit cards was lost to fraud. According to a recent report from Barclays, the United States contributes disproportionately to global credit card fraud, accounting for more than 47...
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  6. Artificial Intelligence and the Automation of Brainwork
    Oct 2015
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword both in labs and in public. Advancements in deep learning and neural networks are improving computers' ability to perform difficult machine intelligence problems such as vision, language, and movement.
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  7. Artificial Intelligence: A Practical Assessment
    Aug 2015
    This weeks SPIE is designed to help. Its purpose is to lead the reader around the AI hype and hoopla, past the impenetrable bog of specialized terminology and the deep pit of unnecessary detail, to a basic understanding of AIs capabilities and limitations; as well as an appreciation for the reasons why AI researchers are starting to raise concern...
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  8. Network Security Technology Alert. Dimensions of Big Data Security; Reducing Costs Associated with Exploit Mitigation; Artificial Intelligence-Based BYOD Security
    May 2015
    This issue profiles dimensions of big data security, reducing costs associated with exploit mitigation, and artificial intelligence-based BYOD security.
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  9. Expertmaker: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Explodes the Boundaries of Enterprise Search
    Oct 2013
    This report analyzes an innovative approach to enterprise search that parallels one of the highest values attainable by harnessing Big Data: not analyzing part of the data and summarizing the rest, as is done in traditional BI platforms, but analyzing all of the data and presenting only that which is most relevant to the user. In this instance, art...

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  10. Artificial Intelligence -- Emerging Trends and Applications (Technical Insights)
    Sep 2004
    This research service discusses the research developments and emerging opportunities in Artificial Intelligence.

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