Brexit Analysis

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06 Sep 2017  |  Europe

Impact and Implications of BREXIT on the Plastics and Coatings Market

Evaluating Favourable Deals between the EU and the UK Remains Critical for Chemical Companies to Facilitate Free Trade, Labour Movement, and Seamless

The study aims to analyse the impact of Brexit in the European chemical industry with specific focus on coatings and plastics. Research Scope: • Pre and post Brexit Overview (UK chemical industry, European chemical industry) • Key macroeconomic trends (labour, cross border investment, trade policies) • Key Brexit outcomes analysed (Hard a...

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08 Aug 2017  |  Europe

Impact of BREXIT on the PPE Industry

Demand for PPE is Likely to be Stable in the Short Term

This market insight provides a preview into the impact of BREXIT on the PPE Market. The impact of the devaluation of the pound on the demand for PPE is examined. In addition, it provides a preview of the impact of new immigration laws and reduced investment on the overall PPE market. The shift in customer preferences towards durable and high-qualit...

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The Brexit vote’s impact on investment into UK technology start-ups is an important litmus test for broader implications for the UK economy. The UK’s technology sector is a huge driver of growth, performing markedly above the broader economy and with rapid job creation.

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16 Sep 2016  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of BREXIT and its Implications to Industries, Economies and Societies

Comprehensive View of 6 BREXIT Scenarios on Our Future

As Europe battles unequal growth and environmental, economic, social, and political challenges, Britain has chosen to fight its challenges alone. This study puts forth a hypothetical timeline to the events that might unfold in the next five years and examines the potential trade models that may come to reality between Britain and the European Union...

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12 Sep 2016  |  Global

Impact of Brexit on the Global Automotive Industry

Sustainable FTA Policies Need to be Instituted to Protect the UK Automotive Industry from Collapse

This market insight provides a detailed analysis of the impact of the recently concluded Brexit vote, on the global automotive industry. It provides information on present, future, and impact focus on the following: 1. Automotive participants, including OEMs and suppliers, both in the UK and Europe 2. UK and European markets 3. Economic implicati...

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20 Jul 2016  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Impact of Brexit on India: A Shift in the Paradigm

A brief note on the Impact of Brexit on India

As the unexpected outcome of the Brexit referendum begins to transform into reality, the historical decision is likely to result in a new paradigm in the way the United Kingdom interacts with the European Union and the rest of the world. Indeed, as with all black swan events, the world will enter unchartered waters through 2016 as political and bus...

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20 Jul 2016  |  Global

Top 10 Implications of Brexit on the UK Energy Sector

Commitment to Renewable Energy and Future of Nuclear Projects are Areas of Uncertainty with the Biggest Impact Potential

On 23 June 2016 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, revoking its status as a member state. This landmark referendum, referred to as Brexit, has sent shock waves across Europe and the world causing significant uncertainty within markets, including energy. This market insight provides Frost & Sullivan's verdict on key areas within t...

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