Agriculture and Nutrition

There is a significant and growing need in the agriculture and nutrition industry sector to adopt new tools, knowledge, and processes that helps them meet the needs of a growing number of consumers with increasingly stricter green, safe, healthy, and ethical requirements and given increasingly constrained natural resources. These tools, knowledge, and processes includes a wide set of goods and services from many food and agricultural markets and enabling industries such  as automation, precision measurements and sensors, bio-based agrochemicals, seeds and traits that are ethically produced and cultivated free from undesired qualities, new retail business models, and even food supplement markets.

Companies that have a truly global market and product strategy, a focus on health and wellness, and adopt an environmentally- and socially-responsible sustainability agriculture and nutrition strategy will come out on top and be the global leaders of the agriculture and nutrition industries in the future.

  1. 15 Sep 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities in Alternative Protein Ingredients for Human Nutrition

    A Focus on Sustainable Protein Diversification Will Fuel Growth and Innovation

    Alternative protein ingredients are derived from alternative sources such as plants, microbes, and insects or through cell-culture techniques for human nutrition applications. This Frost & Sullivan research service covers the B2B market dynamics of plant protein, microbial protein, and insect protein ingredients for human nutrition applications. Th...

  2. 20 Jul 2023  |  Global

    Global Collagen Growth Opportunities

    Aging Societies and Rising Consumer Desire to Stay Fit and Healthy will Drive Future Growth Potential

    This Frost & Sullivan research service provides insight into the global collagen market. It discusses volume and revenue projections until 2030 and the latest market trends. The study analyzes the market by Type (undenatured type I collagen, undenatured type II collagen, and collagen peptides); Application (food and beverages; dietary supplements;...

  3. 06 Jul 2023  |  Global

    Global Animal Feed Phytogenics Growth Opportunities

    Rising Regulatory Bans on Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGP) Enable Market Expansion

    Increasing antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic bacteria has resulted in many countries banning AGPs for animal nutrition. Growing concerns worldwide over AGPs in animal nutrition have resulted in efforts to use alternative ingredients that can effectively replace AGPs; phytogenics is one such alternative. Our analysis shows that Europe domin...

  4. 22 May 2023  |  Global

    Global Botanical Ingredients Growth Opportunities

    Highly Therapeutic and Clinically Validated Botanical Ingredients to Ensure Future Growth Potential

    This growth opportunity analytics of botanical ingredients provides qualitative and quantitative analyses of botanical ingredients used across the nutraceutical and personal care and cosmetic industry. Major botanical ingredient types covered under the nutraceutical segment include ashwagandha, boswellia serrata, ginkgo biloba, elderberry, ginseng,...

  5. 15 May 2023  |  Global

    Global Agrochemicals Short-term Growth Opportunities—2027

    Geopolitical Conditions and the Growing Adoption of Sustainable Farming Practices will Continue to Pressurize Growth

    Agrochemicals, or agrichemicals, are chemical products used for crop protection and/or crop nutrition in agriculture. Over the past 2 years, the global geopolitical situation has significantly impacted the supply and demand of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This Frost & Sullivan study discusses industry trends, drivers, and challenges and the...

  6. 03 May 2023  |  Global

    Global Nutritional Lipids Growth Opportunities

    Food & Nutrition Industry Demand for MCT and Consumer Preference for Sustainably Sourced Omega-3s Drive Potential

    In this research service, Frost & Sullivan provides qualitative and quantitative analyses of nutritional lipid ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), omega-6 (arachidonic acid or ARA) fatty acids, and phytosterols. We expect rising awareness of preventive healthcare approaches to avoid excessive healthcare expend...

  7. 13 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Global Soluble Dietary Fibers Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential is Enhanced by Increasing Consumer Demand for High-fiber and Low-sugar Diets

    This research service examines the global soluble dietary fibers market, providing detailed analysis by type, application, and region. The pandemic has increased consumer focus on health and well-being. Research focusing on gut health has expanded significantly over the last 4 to 5 years, leading to the discovery of novel dietary fibers. As more co...

  8. 17 Feb 2023  |  Global

    Global Nutraceutical Growth Opportunities

    Increasing Consumer Awareness and Changing Dietary Habits, Post Pandemic, Drive Future Growth Potential

    This Frost & Sullivan study covers the ingredients used in nutraceutical formulations and finished nutraceutical products. A nutraceutical is a food or part of a food, and it provides a physiological benefit and maintains good health. Nutraceuticals are not intended to treat or cure diseases; moreover, they are used for preventive healthcare pu...

  9. 01 Feb 2023  |  Global

    Nanotechnology Drives Sustainability and Innovation in the Global Food and Beverage Industry

    Cutting-edge Research and Intelligent Partnerships Create New Growth Opportunities

    Nanotechnology is gaining the interest of the food and beverage (F&B) industry thanks to its promising solutions to the challenges of global food security, the prevalence of anemia, changing consumer demand, food safety during transportation, food spoilage, and sustainability. This creates an auspicious growth opportunity for technology developers ...

  10. 27 Jan 2023  |  Global

    Global Food Emulsifiers and Texturizers Growth Opportunities

    Increasing Consumer Demand for Plant-based Food and Beverage Products will Propel New Product Development in the Natural Food Emulsifiers and Texturizers Market

    The present study on global food emulsifiers and texturizers assesses growth opportunities for various types of natural and synthetic food emulsifiers and texturizers worldwide. The type of natural emulsifiers covered in the study include lecithin, functional vegetable oils, lipase enzymes, aquafaba protein, and quillaia extract. Major types of syn...