1. 13 Dec 2023  |  North America

    Growth Opportunities in the North American Autonomous Off-highway and Agricultural Robotics Equipment Industry

    Autonomous Retrofits and OEM Vertical Expansion Will Pave the Way for Complete Site Automation in Construction, Mining, and Agriculture

    The automation of off-highway equipment has experienced rapid development in the past 3 years. Globally, the total amount of autonomous off-highway equipment in operation more than doubled to reach approximately 1,700 units in 2022, from approximately 800 in 2021. North America is one of the major off-highway automation hubs, with several pilots...

  2. 21 Nov 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities in Machine Vision for Robotics

    The Promise of Precise Automation and Inspection Indicates Transformative Change for the Nascent Industry

    In a robot-based machine vision solution, a camera takes an image of an object, analyzes it, and sends accurate coordinates to a robot that then moves its arm in a specified position. Thus, a robot-based machine vision solution has two major aspects: robotic system and machine vision system. The machine vision system includes lighting, lenses, imag...

  3. 02 Oct 2023  |  Global

    Frost Radar™: Industrial Robotics, 2023

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action - Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    The Frost Radar™ on industrial robotics identifies and plots key robotics vendors across two parameters: Innovation and Growth. Frost & Sullivan estimates close to 3.3 million robots are in use globally. Although the COVID-19 pandemic led to a decline in industrial robot installations in 2020, this market bounced back in 2021, with more than 515,...

  4. 25 May 2023  |  Global

    Emerging Opportunities for Robotics in Military and Defense Applications

    Surveillance, Logistic Support, Explosive Detection and Neutralization are High Impact Sectors

    Various military operations increasingly choose to deploy robots due to the advantages they provide in various safety, surveillance, and rescue operations. These robots help troops improve the accuracy of a task, provide flexibility to perform multiple functions, shorten time required to complete tasks, enable traversing in hazardous environments, ...

  5. 16 May 2023  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Future of Manufacturing: The Case for India

    Evaluating India’s Ascent in the Future of Manufacturing

    India is quickly emerging as a new power center in the manufacturing world. Owing to its demographic advantage, rapid urbanization, digital transformation, growing middle class, strong economic reforms, strategic geopolitical position, and green energy revolution, it is expected to become a leading global economy during this decade. According to th...

  6. In the post-pandemic global business ecosystem, all eyes remain trained on supply chains as operations inch toward a new normal characterized by transparency and business resilience. In this study, Frost & Sullivan discusses the top growth opportunities for the fast-evolving supply chain and logistics domain, particularly how technologies, inclu...

  7. 05 May 2023  |  Latin America

    Latin America Power & Energy Outlook, 2023

    Future Growth Potential Enhanced by an Accelerated Energy Transition Global Context and the Advancements in Renewable Energy Deployment

    While the world witnesses unprecedented policies and investment announcements to accelerate the energy transition—like the Inflation Reduction Act, the Green Deal Industrial Plan, and China's latest Five-year Plan—what happens in Latin America Will the region join the race for decarbonization seen in the rest of the world How does that affect t...

  8. 28 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Global Microgrids Growth Opportunities

    Demand for Electrification, Renewables, and Grid Resilience Drive Future Growth Potential

    The global microgrids market revenue is forecast to increase from $3.37 billion in 2022 to $8.00 billion in 2030. While North America is projected to remain the largest regional market over the forecast period, the Asian region is expected to outpace its growth. With a largely secure grid infrastructure, the European Union has limited microgrid dev...

  9. 25 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Global Mechanical Recycling of Plastic Packaging Waste

    AI-based and Robotic Sorting with Innovative Business Platforms Integrate Stakeholders to Enable Collaboration, Transparency, and Material Circularity

    The circular economy approach involves initiatives across material and product life cycles, supporting sustainable resource consumption and waste prevention by assimilating high-tech solutions. The global resource management sector is transitioning toward greater digital technology adoption using disruptive smart technologies and platform-based sol...

  10. 11 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities for Track and Trace Solutions in the Global Container Shipping Sector

    Post pandemic Supply Chain Pressure Accelerates Adoption of Sensors and Other Advanced Technologies to Improve Efficiencies

    This study focuses on track and trace solutions used in the container shipping industry, specifically dry and reefer containers. Track and trace solutions are used to track (identify location and history) shipments throughout the entire supply chain, from supplier to consumer, using radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS tracking, and/or barcod...