About Frost & Sullivan

We are uniquely positioned and qualified to help your team create transformational growth strategies to survive and thrive in a business environment experiencing disruption, collapse and transformation. When choosing a growth partner we feel that these are the resources and skills that we bring to the partnership.

Convergence Expertise

The accelerating convergence of industries, disruptive technologies, mega trends and new business models are totally disrupting the value chain of virtually every industry. To survive that you need a partner who has research and analytical coverage of all 6 key perspectives as illustrated in our organizational chart below.

Experiential Expertise

All behavioral research shows that the most learning and change is driven from experiential learning. We now see that the old model of research and consulting supports to clients was no where near effective enough in the best practices development and implementation of growth strategies. Our new platform which integrates Growth Workshops, Growth Strategy Dialogs and Briefings are designed to bring your entire team through the growth cycle system.

Global Perspective

The challenges and opportunities in business today are virtually all global in scope. To take full advantage of these opportunities you must have a partner with a true global footprint. The Frost & Sullivan team is based in our 45 global offices

Visionary Innovation

To survive a company must grow and to grow it must innovate. We invest considerable resources each year to analyze best practices in innovation and we bring this knowledge to our client partners. Innovation does not just happen, it is a process and can be developed with the proper techniques and know how.

Three Value Propositions

There are 3 drivers of corporate growth and we have organized our global team around these. They are:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Brand & Demand
  • Technology & IP

When all of these 3 value propositions are optimized with our partnership we have seen our clients growth rate significantly accelerate.