1. 17 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Emerging Respiratory Care Companies: Strategic Profiles and Growth Opportunities

    Digital Respiratory Solutions will Drive the Respiratory Care Industry in its Next Growth Phase

    This study highlights emerging companies in the respiratory care industry. Most respiratory care companies focus on device connectivity and developing smart devices that can assist in better management of chronic respiratory diseases and reduce healthcare costs. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the focus on the benefits of remote care. Respiratory s...

  2. 17 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Research

    US Defense Environmental Sustainability Sector Growth Opportunities

    Energy and Water Resilience Will Drive Industry Growth

    This research service provides a snapshot of the defense environmental sustainability industry in the United States. It categorizes the industry into four segments: 1. Environmental restoration 2. Environmental compliance 3. Environmental conservation 4. Environmental technology The study highlights the spending trends of fiscal year (FY) 2...

  3. 17 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Global Two-wheeler Growth Outlook 2024

    Electrification, Disruptive Tech, and Adventure Appeal Fuel the Industry s Growth Trajectory

    The global two-wheeler (2W) industry comprising motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds is a dynamic space fueled by various factors. It has recorded remarkable growth in recent years, driven by the urbanization boom, rising disposable income, and personal mobility needs. In addition, legacy 2W participants are introducing new models with updated and adv...

  4. 17 May 2024  |  Global  |  Customer Research

    2024 UCC Buyers Perspectives

    Customer Needs for Agility and Flexibility will Drive Continued Market Growth

    Frost & Sullivan s 2024 information technology decision-maker (ITDM) survey was conducted to gain insights on the following end-user organizations priorities: Top technical challenges for IT/telecom departments Top non-technical challenges for IT/telecom departments Current unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technology a...

  5. 17 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Growth Opportunities in US and European Hospital Workflow Digital Platforms and Solutions in Acute Care, Forecast to 2028

    Integration of Clinical and Operational Solutions to Improve Patient and Provider Experience

    The COVID-19 pandemic exposed cracks in healthcare s clinical, financial, and operational processes. Efficiency has become a major focus as hospital systems strive to stitch healthcare networks together. From simple technological or software solutions to complex AI-driven predictive algorithms, healthcare institutions aim to improve automation and ...

  6. 16 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Top 10 Strategic Imperatives in Digital Content Services, 2024

    The Top Transformations Impacting Future Growth Potential

    The Rise of AI and Evolving Tech: While Generative AI and continuous tech advancements pose challenges, they also unlock opportunities. Businesses must embrace AI yet ensure human oversight. They should remain adaptable to integrate new technologies into their services and stay ahead of the curve. Monetization and Skills Transformation: New mone...

  7. 16 May 2024  |  Asia Pacific  |  Market Outlook

    Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Outlook 2024

    Electricity Demand Growth and Decarbonization Efforts Will Drive Investment

    This analysis assesses the power and energy market in Asia-Pacific. The primary focus is power generation, but grids, energy storage, hydrogen, and the role of fossils are included in the trends section. Asia-Pacific encompasses diverse countries, from highly developed economies, such as South Korea and Japan, to under-developed ones such as Lao...

  8. 16 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Research

    Growth Opportunities in Global Workforce Identity and Access Management

    Disruptive Technologies and Intense Competition Create Opportunities for Vendors to Offer Innovative Solutions

    Frost & Sullivan defines workforce identity and access management (IAM) as a framework that controls and manages employee identities and access as well as policies across IT infrastructures to protect enterprises from unauthorized and potentially harmful security breaches. IAM solutions include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, lifecycle...

  9. 15 May 2024  |  Global  |  Market Outlook

    Global Shared Mobility Predictions and Outlook, 2024

    Overall Industry Potential of Close to $920.81 Billion in 2024 as the Ridehailing and Demand Responsive Transit Segments Drive Growth

    Globally, evolving work environments and shifting industry structures have changed consumer preferences in urban mobility. Cities have become more proactive about rethinking their transportation networks to make them more flexible and sustainable. Innovative solutions are necessary to meet citizens needs, ensure integrated and efficient transporta...

  10. 15 May 2024  |  Global  |  Customer Research

    Growth Opportunities in CX Transformation 2024 to 2025

    Customer Perspectives

    The CX industry is in a disruptive state as IT decision-makers and customer contact leaders struggle with prioritizing and procuring budgets and persuading executives to align CX and corporate goals. There is a fear of failure in these uncertain times, making organizations less agile than in previous years. Trust, ease of use, and reliability are t...