1. 06 Jun 2023  |  Global

    Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solutions in the Space Industry

    Advanced Algorithms, Enhanced Satellite Operations, Autonomous Space Exploration, and Responsive Space Situational Awareness to Propel the Next generation Space Ecosystem

    The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) within the space industry has the potential to significantly enhance satellite operations, space exploration, and space situational awareness, among other areas. This report investigates the impact of AI/ML on various aspects of the space industry, including satellite network...

  2. 17 May 2023  |  North America

    Reusable and Modular Launch Systems Growth Opportunities

    Transformative Mega Trends, Disruptive Technologies, and Competitive Intensity Drive Sustainable Solutions

    In recent years, demand for satellites for government and commercial applications has increased, resulting in a growing number of satellite launches for navigation, earth observation, communications, and more. With increased launches come increased costs. The space industry is an expensive one to operate in, and mitigation methods must be implement...

  3. 18 Apr 2023  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities as the Space Industry Consolidates

    Innovative Business Models and Industry Convergence Drive Investments, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships

    The space industry is no longer sustained by governmental bodies and aerospace and defense companies. In the modern space race, the private sector is dominating by discovering new opportunities regarding innovations and public-private partnerships. The term “NewSpace” heralds the arrival of private space company ventures. Start-ups, investo...

  4. 27 Mar 2023  |  Global

    Global Satellite-to-Phone Service Growth Opportunities

    Transformative Mega Trends are driving the Future Growth Potential of Satellite-to-Phone Service Market

    The Satellite Communication (SATCOM) sector is undergoing many changes because of the technological advancements in satellite technology; one such key advancement is the rise of satellite mega-constellations in LEO. Because satellites are at very low earth orbits they can directly connect to cellphones and provide SATCOM services to underserved and...

  5. 25 Jan 2023  |  Global

    Use Cases for Small Satellites

    Macroeconomic Shifts, Competitive Intensity, Technology Innovation, and Changing Business Strategies to Stimulate the Space-for-Earth Ecosystem

    Technological advancements and growing dynamism within the NewSpace sector are changing consumer behavior and supporting the move from a space-to-space paradigm to a space-for-earth ecosystem. Macroeconomic shifts and more investment in high-risk ventures have accelerated innovation, increased competition, and augmented business strategies driven b...

  6. 24 Jan 2023  |  Global

    Global Commercial Space Station Growth Opportunities

    Future Growth Potential and Disruptive Technologies are Driving the Commercial Space Station Industry

    The rapidly growing space industry has created new opportunities that will generate value from the use of space. The commercial space station industry is one such promising field that is now under development, by providing important services, such as astronauts and human habitation services, microgravity research, in-space manufacturing, and space ...

  7. 23 Jan 2023  |  Global

    Satellite Constellation Operations Software Market

    Innovative Business Models and Intense Competition Drive the Software-defined Satellite Market

    Satellite industry demands are shifting from telecommunications to Internet connectivity. A growing need for power, data, and services in areas with limited capabilities is driving the market. The satellite industry is revising its business model to fulfill demands and increase revenue. Due to this, the space industry is implementing the as-a-Servi...

  8. 22 Nov 2022  |  North America

    Global Single-Stage-to-Orbit Propulsion Capability Growth Opportunities

    Innovative Propulsion Design to Drive Increased Efficiency in Spaceflight and Stimulate the Growing NewSpace Economy

    The commercialization of the space industry in recent years has led to a growing space market, established the NewSpace economy, and boosted demand for more sustainable solutions. This resulted in technological advancement across space products and, in particular, innovation within the propulsion arm of the aerospace market for launch solutions and...

  9. 14 Nov 2022  |  North America

    Global Satellite Propulsion Solutions Market

    New Market Entrants, Advanced Technologies, and Increased Demand Aid Innovation

    Used to produce thrust for orbit insertion, attitude control, station keeping, and other in-orbit maneuvers, satellite propulsion is vital to the successful operation of satellites. The systems encompass chemical (e.g., solid, liquid, hybrid, and hot/cold gas), electrical, hybrid chemical, hybrid electrical, and non-propellant propulsion (e.g., ele...

  10. 17 Oct 2022  |  North America

    Space Force Capability Structure in North America

    Multi-domain Offensive and Defensive Operations and High-intensity Networked and Informalized Warfare to Drive Future Force Generation and Capability-building Programs

    The post-Cold War global liberation order—backed by Western leadership—has been challenged by the rise of political multipolarity. Wars in South and West Asia, the financial crisis of 2008, the annexation of Crimea, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russo-Ukrainian War, and rising tensions across the Taiwan Strait have exposed global economic interdep...