Aerospace Defence and Security

Frost & Sullivan's Aerospace information assists customers in identifying opportunities for component providers to the major airframe manufacturers, and helps local governments align their airport vision with industry trends.

Under the Defense area, our information helps industry participants develop better solutions to serve military end users and expand defense industry opportunities through improved access to information and analysis.

Our Security information assists in understanding the technologies and solutions to improve security and infrastructure. Most importantly to industry participants, it provides an understanding of the different methods of funding and budgeting.

  • IT infrastructure, cloud computing, network security, and wireless technologies are all key growth areas and evolving rapidly
  • The Army counterinsurgency mission will continue to be the focus of the C4ISR effort through 2016
  • Fastest growth is in technologies and tools that enable the processing exploitation and dissemination of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  1. 25 Sep 2023  |  Global

    Space Mining Growth Opportunities

    Regulatory Landscape, Legal Framework, Technologies, Dynamics, and Market Feasibility

    Space mining is the extraction and exploitation of resources from celestial bodies. Mining space’s resources has significant potential to revolutionize various industries and provide for a safe and sustainable space environment. It can also enable long-term space exploration missions and enable space colonization. Since space mining is still in i...

  2. 06 Sep 2023  |  Global

    Global Satellite Interoperability Growth Opportunities

    Advanced Technological Synergies, Enhanced Connectivity, and Regulatory Policy Development to Drive Industry Convergence

    This research service explores the satellite interoperability domain, analyzing its potential to redefine satellite communication paradigms. As the satellite industry develops, there is growing demand for seamless data exchange between different satellite systems. With traditional proprietary systems being challenged, there is a heightened focus on...

  3. 30 Aug 2023  |  Global

    Global Commercial Last-Mile Drone Delivery Growth Opportunities

    Environmental Concerns Regarding Carbon Emissions Propel Drone Technology Adoption in the Logistics Sector

    This Frost & Sullivan study explores the innovative use of drones in commercial last-mile deliveries in the global logistics industry. Drones for commercial last-mile deliveries have experienced growth following their use during the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of a large-scale effort to encourage contactless deliveries. Drones for this use-case have...

  4. 28 Aug 2023  |  North America

    NATO Members’ Defense Growth Opportunities—2023

    Transformative Growth, Ramifications, and Implications from the Russo-Ukrainian War

    As heavy clashes between Russian armed forces and the Ukraine military are generating continued stagnation on the battlefield, the Russo-Ukrainian war has come to a crossroad: though Ukrainian offensive efforts are currently challenged and the Russian side suffers heavy losses and lack of progress on ground armored maneuvers, the NATO alliance is s...

  5. 28 Aug 2023  |  Global

    Commercial Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Growth Opportunities

    Technological Advances in Autonomous Technology Propel Adoption of UUVs

    This research delves into the realm of unmanned maritime systems (UMSs), with a particular focus on underwater unmanned vehicles (UUVs), highlighting their role in the global market landscape. Through a comprehensive analysis, this study shows the link between international developments and the evolving commercial UUV market. As a subset of UMS, UU...

  6. 18 Aug 2023  |  North America

    Bilateral Defense Business Relationship Growth Opportunities

    The Benefits of Mutual Engagement Can Extend Well Beyond the Collaborating Nations

    Recent geopolitical chaos has compelled countries to increase collaboration in defense matters, whether by turning to longtime allies (such as the United States and Israel, and the United Kingdom and Australia) or seeking new counterparts (such as Brazil and Sweden, and Poland and South Korea). Joint military exercises have become more frequent an...

  7. 17 Aug 2023  |  Global

    Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems Power Sources Growth Opportunities

    Technology Strategies Focus on Enhanced Safety and Energy Density

    The global unmanned aerial systems (UAS) power sources market is experiencing substantial growth as UAS find more applications across diverse industries. This comprehensive market research study explores the five established and emerging segments within the UAS power sources industry: batteries, internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cells, solar energ...

  8. 14 Aug 2023  |  Latin America

    Latin American Defense Growth Opportunities

    Equipment Modernization Plans Collide with Economic Realities

    In this research service, Frost & Sullivan provides an overview of the Latin American defense market, highlighting growth drivers and restraints, growth opportunities, and notable companies with active contracts or a presence in the region. The study also outlines the most relevant projects and programs as well as representative contracts. Latin A...

  9. 01 Aug 2023  |  Global

    Earth Observation Satellite Data Growth Opportunities

    Disruptive Technologies are Driving the Future Growth Potential of Earth Observation Satellite Data Solutions

    This research service analyzes the developments in the Earth observation (EO) satellite data market that are accelerating growth. The demand for space-based data, especially Earth observation (EO) data, is growing at an unprecedented rate across multiple areas, with industries that were previously unaware of its benefits now recognizing its value. ...

  10. 01 Aug 2023  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Indian Aviation MRO Growth Opportunities

    Increased Domestic Airline Activity Powering the Commercial Aviation MRO Industry

    India’s aviation sector is among the fastest growing in the world and set to become the third largest globally. The current commercial aircraft fleet size is estimated to grow from about 714 aircraft to 2,000 aircraft within the next decade. This aligns with the government’s plans to build 220 new airports and add 1,000 new routes by 2026. The ...