What is iFrost?

iFrost is a digital platform for interactive and dynamic reporting of data

Why iFrost

Visually Intuitive and interactive market deliverables


Cost-effective platform


Easy maintenance for the company


Fast, easy and accurate custom data analysis to clients


Security & Flexibility

iFrost Database

Fleet and Leasing Market Database
Key Features
  • Built on latest, efficient framework Concrete5, PHP, MySQL to ensure security and flexibility
  • Fast, easy and accurate custom data analysis with 1000s of combinations
  • Provides visual market analysis using colorful charts of Fusion Charts package
  • Standardized data templates for easy maintenance
  • Integration with frost.com for seamless access
  • Frost analysts can update the data, which will be reflected instantaneously to our customers in the website
  • iFrost comes to us with easy and less maintenance cost
  • User subscription and automatic expiration for finer control and better business
  • Export data to EXCEL as csv/ PDF/ JPEG