Fleet Leasing
Provides you with fleet leasing analysis across markets and competitors
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Market Analysis   

Complete market data represented as interactive and customizable charts.
Competitor Analysis   

Complete competitor fleet portfolio data by split leasing type, country etc.
Fleet Segmentation   

A. Company Car
B. Mobility Services
Region Setter   

Customizable region clusters as per user preference e.g.: EU, BRICS, Americas etc.
Fleet & Leasing
Market Database Platform
With coverage of 37 countries and its focus on True Fleet, Fleet & Leasing Program is the most comprehensive and detailed data repository in the market
Main Segments
Company Car Fleet (True Fleet) split by funding method (Operating Lease, Finance Lease, Outright Purchase)
Additional Market Data
Fleet Management, Private Lease
Fleet Segmentation
Extended classification of company car fleet – segmented by powertrain, sales channel and Premium/Non Premium
Key Programme Definitions

Total Market
New Registrations or Portfolio of all passenger and light commercial vehicles.
Vehicles sold and registered to retail customers
Vehicles sold and registered to business, corporates, companies etc.
Company Car Fleet
Also known as True Fleet this is the proportion of Fleet vehicles that remains after excluding short-term rental (rent-a-car) volume, vehicles registered to dealers as demonstrator cars, units taken into stock and also private lease contracts.
Rental Car Companies
Vehicles accounted to companies that cater to Short Term Rental needs in the market. More details available with us on demand.
Vehicles accounted to dealers, exhibitions, showrooms etc.
Operating Lease
A contract, also known as a Full Service Lease or Long-Term Rental, whereby the Leasing Vehicle Provider (Lessor) accepts both the financing and residual value risk. Under the terms of an Operating Lease the Lessor is responsible for selling the operated vehicle once the lease contract ends or when the Lease Contract Holder (Lessee) no longer requires the vehicle (contract typically may be terminated early or extended beyond the initial agreed contract length).
Finance Lease
A contract whereby the Lease Contract Holder (Lessee) accepts the risk related to depreciation (referred to as residual value) and the Leasing Vehicle Provider (Lessor) bears the financing risk. The Lessee decides when and how to dispose of the vehicle at the end of lease contract.
Outright Purchase
Bought outright and is registered to either the buying company/individual or the financing partner.
Private Lease
A leasing contract written for an individual. Also called as Personal lease or Consumer lease
Pure Fleet Management
A separate outsourced contract providing vehicle Servicing, Maintenance and Repair (SMR). Efforts have been made to exclude other administrative vehicle / driver services such as Accident Management, Risk Management and to also exclude SMR supplied as an integral part of an operating lease contract i.e. not contracts where the provider also carries the residual value risk
key program
Fleet & Leasing
Market Analysis
  • Live data refreshed annually with frequent updates as per market movements
  • Data can be leveraged to plan companies’ annual budget, investment decisions, after market allocations etc.
  • Market data for the above mentioned classes for years ranging 2013 to 2016 (actuals), 2017 to 2021 (forecast) can be accessed in an interactive chart based representations
  • Multiple representations such as bar chart, stacked bar, pie chart can be customised
Competitor Analysis
  • Actual competitor data that showcases evolution of each player across 37 countries
  • Data can be leveraged to understand market competition, plan for geographical expansion, investment decisions etc.
  • Multiple representations such as bar chart, stacked bar, pie chart can be customised
Fleet Segmentation
A. Company Car - Powertrain, Sales Channel, Prem/Non PRem
B. Mobility Services - Car Sharing
Region Setter

Provides you with the feature to define your own country and region mapping

Customize your region using below features

Select region −> Add your preferred countries −> Name your selection group −> Click «Add» and it´ll reflect in the Market and Competitor Analysis pages for you to choose from