Commercial Vehicle Telematics

Complete 360 degree analysis of the connected truck market with a focus on medium to long term strategic options for anyone,

Frost & Sullivan’s global connected truck industry research offers clients comprehensive research, analysis, and advisory support encompassing complete 360 degree analysis of the connected truck market with a focus on medium to long term strategic options for anyone. From technology and market based research, to voice of customer to issue based research, from global outlook to regional content, and from database (workbook) to competitive benchmarking and solution based research- this global program offers strategic mission critical research and analysis to all stake holding groups in global commercial vehicle and automotive eco-systems. Our content fits into the needs of all key stakeholders in the Connected Truck ecosystem such as telematics vendors, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers, fleet operators, independent journalists, government bodies, navigation companies, universities, investment companies, Vehicle/truck OEMs, IT companies, Fuel companies, telecom providers, and data aggregators. A strong blend of descriptive and prescriptive research and advisory coupled with fast and dynamic analyst support manifest as value propositions for client partners.,

Key Topics Covered
· Global and regional connected truck/commercial vehicle telematics markets (all major regions and countries covered - )
· All major commercial vehicle segments (On & off-highway sector) - trucks, trailers, vans, buses, heavy equipment involved in construction, mining, agriculture etc.,
· Issue based research: Video safety, big data, cyber security, digital freight brokering, autonomous trucking, start-up companies benchmarking, and emerging business model
· Competitive benchmarking – profiles, SWOT, value chain analysis, market share, product/technology
· Database (workbook) – vehicle in operation, production, sales, forecasts, telematics penetration, market share
· Voice of customer research studies focused on fleet managers – willingness to pay, price, features, service expectation

  1. 05 Jan 2018  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of Truck and Bus Driver Simulator Market, 2016–2025

    Simulator Usage in Driver Training will Promote Eco-driving, Critical Driving, and Defensive Driving Growth in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Industry

    Skilled driver shortage and reduction in fleet liabilities is major driver for the driver simulator market. The challenges include high initial investment, replication of complex road environment, and driving pattern in virtual driving condition. European Directive 2003/59/ EC of European parliament deals with initial qualification and periodic tra...

  2. 18 Sep 2017  |  Europe

    Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Portugal

    Digital Advancements and the Demand for e-Commerce will Drive Logistics Market Growth

    The low labor cost and the favorable geographical location make Portugal a trans-shipment hub for the fresh produce from Latin America and Africa to Spain. More than 70% of Portugal’s trade is within Europe. The key trading nations include Spain, France, and Germany. Portugal’s poor investment in new technology, industrial machinery, and transp...

  3. 14 Dec 2016  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Digital Transformations in the Global Logistics Industry, Forecast to 2020

    Digitalization Trends–Mobile Devices, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Automation Offer High Growth Prospects in Logistics Industry

    Technological changes have led to the convergence of industries and the transformation of the business processes related to supply chain management. The need to improve logistics efficiency is being driven by the modernization of transportation infrastructure, changing consumer purchase patterns, and the emergence of new business models. With the d...

  4. 13 Sep 2016  |  North America

    Future of Logistics

    Unbundling of the Supply Chain

    The supply chain market is becoming more complex in a time-constrained environment as speed of delivery and user experience emerge as critical factors; in fact, instant and same-day delivery solutions are now key service differentiators. Firms must rethink their strategies and devise more agile models that leverage economies of scale and still meet...

  5. 05 Nov 2015  |  Europe

    Selected OEM Highlights of IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

    IAA 2015360° Roundup: 54 New Models Launches and 15 Breakthrough Technologies

    The research service provides an overview of the key highlights of IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. It focusses on breakthrough technologies and launches of selected OEM's and offers a comparative analysis on OEM strategies.

  6. 24 Sep 2015  |  Europe

    Executive Insights on the Turkish Parcel Delivery Market

    eRetailing is Expected to Push Double-Digit Growth Between 2014 and 2020

    This research focuses on the parcel delivery market in Turkey. As of 1 January 2015, legal changes to market definitions and to regulations regarding applicable fees will transform the parcel delivery market. Given the expected rapid growth as a result of these changes, this study provides an overview of the market size and the current trends and d...

  7. 22 Apr 2015  |  Asia Pacific

    Strategic Analysis of the Connected Vehicles Market in Japan

    The Telematics Services Market is Expected to Reach 13.2 Million Subscribers by 2020

    This research service discusses the future of the telematics services market in Japan and focuses on the solutions offered by OEMs and key service providers. In Japan, the trend of telematics services is on the rise, with an emphasis on navigation services; however, the market is yet to realize significant revenue and witness intense competition am...