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Frost & Sullivan was founded on the simple premise that research should enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways. With this objective in mind, the company developed a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools. Frost & Sullivan has continued to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the challenges and opportunities of today's ever-changing business world.

Our deep and comprehensive expertise encompasses Supply Chain Services, Logistics Infrastructure, Freight Transportation, Storage and Warehousing, Distribution and Delivery, Rail and Maritime equipment and services. Our global research analysts track, monitor, forecast, and analyze technologies and their markets opportunities, and issues of strategic relevance to support our clients

  1. 30 Jun 2022  |  Global

    Global Last-mile Delivery Optimization for Retail Growth Opportunities

    Despite Mounting Pressure on Supply Chains, Demand for Autonomous Vehicles and Route Optimization Software Drives Growth Strategies

    This study focuses on last-mile delivery optimization achieved through autonomous vehicles (AVs) and route optimization software. It explores market definitions, size, forecasts, drivers, restraints, trends, competition, and growth opportunities. Last-mile delivery involves the movement of products from a distribution center to the end destinati...

  2. 16 Aug 2021  |  North America

    The North American Logistics and Transportation Growth Opportunities

    Smart Digital Technologies with Service Innovation Deliver Collaborative Partner Solutions to Drive Transformational Growth Across the Value Chain

    The COVID-19 pandemic has left its footprint on most industries across regions; the North American logistics and transportation industry is no different. This industry is critical for economic activity, a point more evident than ever in these unprecedented times. The North American logistics and transportation industry is complex and fragmented wit...

  3. 03 Aug 2021  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    GCC Logistics Outlook, 2021

    Technology Adoption, Infrastructure Investment, and Diversification Leading Transition Toward an Integrated Regional Supply Chain Ecosystem

    Logistics industry growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is catalyzed by the increasing contribution of the non-oil sector to GDP, infrastructure development, growth of free trade zones and industrial parks, and greater regional trade cooperation. Governments in the region undertake policy measures to bolster economic diversification ...


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  4. 30 Mar 2021  |  Global

    IoT-powered Digital Ecosystem Transforming the Global Logistics Industry

    IoT Solutions Delivering Integrated Value Propositions for the Global Logistics Industry and the Connected Ecosystem

    The traditional approach to global freight management in the logistics industry faces challenges at every step due to process delays, product theft, and spoilage, lack of supply chain visibility, and resource limitations. Missteps and uninformed decisions in supply chain and logistics operation create havoc and translate into damaged customer relat...


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  5. 30 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Growth Opportunities of SaaS E-commerce Technologies in Logistics

    Advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning encourage Growth Opportunities

    Rather than just merely tracking goods in transit, the logistics software management platform provides advanced data analytics solutions to identify key variances and to take actions before incurring costs to companies. Multiple product handling particularly when handling fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) needs continuous improvement delivery and w...


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  6. 05 Oct 2020  |  Asia Pacific

    Frost Radar™: Japanese Fleet Management System Market, 2020

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action—Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    Frost & Sullivan estimates that the demand for fleet drivers in Japan will increase by 130,000 over the next 10 years and that by 2027, approximately 960,000 drivers will be needed to cater to the Japanese logistics market. However, a labor shortage of 25% is expected because of a declining birthrate, an aging population, and fewer younger people e...


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  7. 19 Aug 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Digitalization, Infrastructure, and Connectivity Set to Transform the GCC Logistics Industry, 2020

    Post-pandemic Growth Opportunities will be Driven by Digital Freight Platforms, Warehousing Automation, and Last-mile Delivery Solutions

    The logistics industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is evolving rapidly driven by increasing non-oil sector contribution to GDP, infrastructure development, the emergence of free trade zones and industrial parks, and increased trade cooperation. Governments in the region have undertaken policy measures to reduce their dependency on ...


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  8. 14 Aug 2020  |  Asia Pacific

    Frost Radar™: Malaysian Last-Mile Logistics Market, 2020

    Benchmarking Future Growth Potential

    As the shift from brick-and-mortar outlets to online retail continues, the challenge of managing last-mile logistics grows. Last-mile logistics is no longer just about transporting products to buyers but about fulfilling customer demand and experience. Customer behavior and expectations have changed over the last few years, challenging the way cour...


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  9. 10 Aug 2020  |  Global

    Robotic Equipment in the Global Agtech Market, 2019 to 2026

    Agricultural Robotics Technology and Autonomous Equipment Are Crucial Amid Labor Shortages and Demand for Greater Output

    The influence on technology across global farming operations is a key element that will design the future of the agricultural industry. The industry attracts various digital technology solutions and robotic technology upgrades on agricultural equipment and for monitoring farming operations. Precision agriculture encompasses several areas of technol...


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  10. 08 Jun 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Post-Pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Indian Logistics Industry

    Infrastructure Upgrades, Policy Reforms, and Digitization will Transform the Logistics Ecosystem

    COVID-19 has been a disruptive force across every industry. India is facing several challenges amid its own country-wide lockdown: labor shortages, cargo capacity challenges, a manufacturing slowdown, order delays and stuck shipments, and demand and supply shocks. India’s real gross domestic product (GDP) is at its lowest in 6 years because of th...


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