Aerospace Systems

  1. 27 Sep 2022  |  Global

    Global Commercial Aircraft Windows and Windshields Growth Opportunities

    Advent of eVTOL Aircraft in Airline Fleet will Lead to Transformational Growth of Window and Windshield Suppliers

    This research service provides an 11-year forecast, from 2021 to 2032, of the global commercial aircraft window and windshield market. The market was worth $581.85 million in 2021 and, considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, should see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% during the forecast period. The market segments are line...

  2. 23 Sep 2022  |  Global

    Commercial Aircraft Supply and Demand Growth Opportunities

    Regional Dynamics and OEMs’ Internal Challenges Influence Supply and Demand Scenarios

    This study analyses the global commercial aircraft supply and demand scenario. Aircraft supply and demand depend on regional factors, just as tourism, aircraft leasing and ownership, and jet fuel prices. For most regions, new aircraft demand is dictated by the carriers that serve the most passengers. An exception exists in Asia-Pacific, where low-c...

  3. 21 Sep 2022  |  Global

    Global Commercial Aircraft Freighter Conversion Market

    Future Growth Potential Driven by eCommerce Activity and the Prioritization of Cargo, Post–COVID-19

    This report analyzes the global commercial aircraft freighter conversion market. Geopolitical factors such as Russian aggression in Ukraine leading to economic sanctions from Western countries (and similar retaliatory measures) as well as the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting the overall aviation industry. These disruptors are playing a crucial role ...

  4. 15 Sep 2022  |  Global

    Competitive Intensity of High speed Rail and Its Effect on Regional Airlines

    Strategic Partnerships and Intermodal Connectivity to Propel Growth

    High-speed trains travel at a minimum speed of 250 kmph or 155 mph. This report explores the current status of high-speed rail and how it is affecting airlines in different markets. Airlines that once saw low-cost carriers as their only threat are now encountering more competition from high-speed rail operators, especially as some develop lower...

  5. 30 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Global Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear System Growth Opportunities

    The Adoption of Industry 4.0 Technologies and Composite Materials and the Rising Trends of Additive Manufacturing and Digitalization are Enabling Sustainable Development in Landing Gear Systems

    This Frost & Sullivan study analyzes the global commercial aircraft landing gear systems market from 2022 to 2032. A landing gear system comprises a comprehensive mechanism that works together to execute safe take-off and landing operations. A typical landing gear system consists of doors, a retraction system (along with hydraulic sub-systems), act...

  6. 25 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Commercial Aircraft Tire Industry Growth Opportunities

    Growth Potential in Global Commercial Flights to Propel Demand for Aircraft Tires, with Sustainability as a Key Investment Area among Vendors

    This report analyzes the current state of the commercial aircraft tire industry, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential growth landscape. It tracks the technologies and market trends that are key variables in determining the market size and forecasts from 2021 to 2032. The analyses and forecasts are presented by aircraft ty...

  7. 10 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Sustainability in Aviation: Demand Analysis and Growth Opportunities

    Innovative Business Models, Like the Use of eVTOL Aircraft, will Enhance Sustainability Programs for Airlines

    This study examines programs and platforms that create demand for sustainability in the aviation industry. Mandates from aviation regulators, like the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), are playing a vital role in driving sustainability in the av...

  8. 08 Aug 2022  |  North America

    US Space Launch Vehicle Propulsion Growth Opportunities

    New Technologies, Regulatory Guidance, Market Entrants, and Increasing Demand Poised to Create Transformational Growth

    The US space propulsion industry is experiencing growth driven by its democratization, commercialization, and expansion by new key players. In addition to the space exploration market, demand for satellites has increased. Satellite utilities include communications for military and commercial applications, imaging, surveillance/reconnaissance, in-fl...

  9. 05 Aug 2022  |  Global

    Sustainability Growth Opportunities in Full service Carriers and Low cost Carriers

    Stringent Regulatory Mandates will Foster Demand for Sustainability Programs

    This Frost & Sullivan study identifies the sustainability efforts made by low-cost carriers (LCCs) and full-service carriers (FSCs). LCCs take cost as a major factor in sustainability; as they work with low margins, they cannot increase cost to achieve sustainability. As a result, they look for other means to acheive sustainable operations; for exa...

  10. 15 Jul 2022  |  Global

    Sustainability at Airports: Technologies and Best Practices in ASEAN Countries

    The Growing Use of Digitalization and Disruptive Technologies will Foster Sustainability at Airports

    All the leading airports across the world are focusing on environmental objectives and sustainability to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. This Frost & Sullivan research service examines airport sustainability in 2021 and evaluates its prospects in the ASEAN region. Sustainability best practices for Changi Airport Group,...