Aerospace Systems

  1. 24 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Disruptive Technologies Drive the Growth of the Global Commercial Air Traffic Management (ATM) Market, 2020

    Future Growth Potential is Enhanced by Growth Opportunities in ATM

    After the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global commercial air traffic management (ATM) market will witness growth due to the rising adoption of automation and digital technologies, including remote towers, predictive technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI). The growing pressure to handle heavy air traffic is driving air navig...


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  2. 21 Dec 2020  |  North America

    Frost Radar™: Drone-in-a-Box Market, 2020

    A Benchmarking System to Spark Companies to Action—Innovation that Fuels New Deal Flow and Growth Pipelines

    While the use of small aerial drones for a wide range of commercial applications has been increasing steadily over the past several years, market growth has been limited by regulatory restrictions requiring pilots to keep drone platforms in sight while in operation. In the recent past, significant advances in technologies and procedures that enable...


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  3. 21 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Global Satellite Launch Database, 2020-2040

    A Consolidated Database of Launched Satellites and Satellite Launch Services Demand Forecast Until 2040 with Interactive Output

    Small satellite constellations that were successfully launched and are now operational have established proof of concept and new business models for the space ecosystem. These developments have made the industry attractive to several stakeholders, specifically the non-space crowd; they are keen to address challenges across use cases, particularly...


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  4. 18 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Digital Transformation to Drive Growth in the Global Airport Information Technology, 2025

    Airports Need to Embrace Digital Transformation to Enhance Passenger Experience and Improve Cost Efficiencies

    Airports need to embrace digital transformation to enhance the passenger experience and improve cost efficiencies. This research service will focus on the global airport information technology market across the various Tiers of airports (5 Tiers in total) and across 6 key regions, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and No...


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  5. 15 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Demand for Autonomous Drones Is Accelerating Growth in Drone-in-a-Box Solutions

    Technological Improvements Around Autonomous Flight and Artificial Intelligence are Enabling Advanced Capabilities

    The drone-in-a-box (DIB) market is nascent but will be rapidly transitioning to a growth market. While growth in this market is being driven by the demand for autonomous drones, regulatory restrictions that require pilots to maintain visual contact while operating commercial drones continue to pose the most significant roadblock. However, technolog...


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  6. 14 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Managing Passenger Traffic Amidst Infrastructure Constraints Is Driving Growth of the Airport Passenger Flow Market

    Advancements in Internet of Things and Video Analytics will Drive the Adoption of Passenger Flow Solutions

    Passenger flow management includes digital solutions that airports use to ensure a seamless passenger experience across touchpoints, reduce wait times, and increase dwell times to improve airports non-aeronautical revenue. Airports had been experiencing an increase in passenger traffic until the COVID-19 pandemic roiled the travel industry. The p...


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  7. 07 Dec 2020  |  Africa

    Network Diversification and Fleet Optimization Power the Commercial Aerospace Market in Africa, 2020

    Strategic Partnering and Network Expansion are Top Growth Strategies for Pandemic-hit Airlines

    Over the last decade, Africa, along with the Asia-Pacific, has grown the fastest in terms of GDP and had an average annual growth rate of 6% or more. Still, most of the countries in the continent have to significantly improve their political stability and public infrastructure to attract new investments and properly integrate themselves with furthe...


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  8. 04 Dec 2020  |  Global

    Artificial Intelligence Enabling the Global Geospatial Value-added Services Market

    New Products Integrating AI Models Create Growth Opportunities

    The geospatial value-added services market is seeing an influx of new participants owing to cheaper satellite data products and services and enabling information and communication technologies. Established incumbents have to compete with not only these participants but also new customer groups arising from the evolution of new use cases. The marke...


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  9. 02 Dec 2020  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Small Satellite Technology Driving The Middle Eastern Space Market, 2020

    Transformational Growth Driven by Technological Developments Enabling the Future Space Market to Creates New Growth Opportunities

    The research covers the technology trends, market trends, growth opportunities, growth drivers, and growth restraints for the space market. The Middle Eastern space market covers the upstream services market, downstream services market, satellite services, and launch services in detail. It also covers the space policies of each of these countries a...


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  10. 17 Nov 2020  |  Global

    Transformative Propulsion Systems Powering the Global Commercial Turboprop Market Outlook

    Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Opportunities in the Turboprop Segment

    For years, turboprops have established themselves as the smallest link to the airline routing structure. Although infamous in any airline fleet for the noise, lack of speed, and engine vibrations, turboprops remain the most reliable and cost-efficient solution to provide passenger services to rural areas and secluded destinations. Their versatility...


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