Analysis of the Global Biosensors Market

Biosensors Monitoring Stimulates Prevention and Control

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This study provides a perspective on the global biosensors market. It specifically focuses on both end-user markets and applications. Specifically, the most significant trends, drivers, and restraints that impact each is discussed, The research service focuses on existing and future end-user markets. This research service also provides a detailed snapshot of the market's competitive landscape and presents a forecast of revenue growth. Special focus is given to trends related to vertical markets, applications, distribution, technology, and and value chain. As this is a highly technical sensor, detailed discussion on various technological aspects has been included in this deliverable.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryKey FindingsKey Findings (continued) Executive SummaryExecutive Summary (continued)CEO’s PerspectiveMarket OverviewKey Technology Markets—BiosensorsMarket DefinitionsKey Questions this Study will AnswerBiosensor Market—Market SegmentationBiosensor Market—Market Segmentation (continued)Market Distribution ChannelsDistribution AnalysisDistribution Analysis (continued)Distribution Analysis (continued)Total Biosensors Market—Distribution Trends Biosensor Design and Detection ProcessTypical Biosensor Design—Components and Detection Process Biosensors—Types of BiomoleculesBiosensor Key Application MatrixBiosensor Detection Process Biosensor—Detection MethodsBiosensor Classification by Detection TechniqueBiosensors—Benefits and ShortcomingsValue Chain and Key Stakeholders Key StakeholdersStakeholders in Rapid Detection Solutions Market Life Cycle AnalysisProduct Life Cycle Analysis Pathogens, Enzymes, Analytes, and Substances Monitored List of Pathogens and Enzymes Tested by Biosensor DevicesFoods Tested by Biosensors for Pathogens, EnzymesKey Technology Components and Label-free Technologies Biosensor Fabrication—Common Biological Elements and TransducersNon-optical Biosensor Technologies—Label-free BiosensorsNon-optical Biosensor Technologies—Label-free Biosensors (continued)Optical Biosensor Technologies—Label-free BiosensorsCertifications and EndorsementsCertificationsTechnology Challenges and RoadmapBiosensor Technology ClassificationBiosensor Technology ChallengesBiosensors—Industry ConvergenceBiosensors Technology RoadmapKey Technology Trends Technology Trends in BiosensorsTechnology Trends in Biosensors (continued)Technology Trends in Biosensors (continued)Technology Trends—Biosensors in Cancer DetectionBiosensors in Cancer DetectionBiosensors in Cancer Detection (continued)Biosensors in Cancer Detection (continued)Technology Trends—Biosensors in AutomotiveBiosensors in ADAS in AutomotiveBiosensors in ADAS in Automotive (continued)Technology Trends—Wearable BiosensorsWearable BiosensorsWearable Biosensors (continued)Wearable Biosensors (continued)Technology Trends—Implantable BiosensorsImplantable BiosensorsImplantable Biosensors (continued)Implantable Biosensors (continued)Technology Trends—Biosensors in Agriculture and Plant Biology Biosensors in Agriculture and Plant BiologyBiosensors in Agriculture and Plant Biology (continued)Biosensing ProcessBiosensors in Agriculture and Plant BiologyBiosensors in Agriculture and Plant Biology (continued)Biosensors in Agriculture and Plant Biology (continued)Biochemical Composition of Fruits—Testing Deterioration by Biosensors Key Industry ChallengesKey Industry ChallengesMarket Drivers and Restraints—Total Biosensors MarketDrivers and Restraints—BiosensorsMarket DriversDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Market RestraintsRestraints Explained Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Forecasts and Trends—Total Biosensors MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsMarket Engineering Measurements (continued)Market Engineering Measurements (continued)Revenue Forecast—Total Biosensors MarketRevenue Forecast DiscussionFactors Deciding Price of BiosensorsPricing Trends and ForecastPricing Trends DiscussionPricing Trends Discussion (continued)Market Share by Vertical End UserPercent Revenue Forecast by Vertical End UsersCompetitive Analysis—Market Share Market Share AnalysisProduct HighlightsCompetitive EnvironmentTop CompetitorsSWOT Analysis—Bio-RadSWOT Analysis—Sample6SWOT Analysis—Siemens Healthcare SWOT Analysis—Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher Scientific)Competitive Factors and AssessmentCEO’s 360 Degree PerspectiveCEO’s 360 Degree PerspectiveRevenue Breakdown by Vertical MarketProcess Industry—Revenue ForecastProcess Industry—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeProcess Industry—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Environmental Monitoring End-userEnvironmental Monitoring—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeEnvironmental Monitoring—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Biodefense and Security End-userBiodefense and Security—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeBiodefense and Security—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Research Laboratories End-userResearch Laboratories—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeResearch Laboratories—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Point of Care End-userPoint of Care—Revenue Analysis by Pathogen Test TypePoint of Care—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Home Diagnostics End-userHome Diagnostics—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeHome Diagnostics—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Mobile Platform End-userMobile Platforms—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeMobile Platforms—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Automotive End-userAutomotive Biosensors—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeAutomotive Biosensors—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Agriculture and Plant BiologyAgriculture and Plant Biology—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeAgriculture and Plant Biology—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast—Other End-usersOther End Users—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeOther End Users—Revenue AnalysisRevenue Forecast by ApplicationBiosensors Market—Percent Revenue Breakdown by ApplicationPercent Revenue Breakdown by ApplicationFood Pathogen and Substance Detection—Revenue ForecastFood Pathogen and Substance Detection—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeFood Pathogen and Substance Detection—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test Type (continued)Drug Detection—Revenue ForecastDrug Detection—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeExplosive Detection—Revenue ForecastExplosive Detection—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeHealth and Wellness Monitoring—Revenue ForecastHealth and Wellness Monitoring—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeHealth and Wellness Monitoring—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test Type (continued)R&D—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeDriver Alertness in ADAS—Revenue ForecastDriver Alertness in ADAS—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeOther Applications—Revenue ForecastOther Applications—Revenue Forecast by Pathogen Test TypeBiosensor Applications—Revenue AnalysisBiosensor Applications—Revenue Analysis (continued)R&D—Revenue ForecastRevenue Forecast by RegionTotal Biosensors Market—Percent Revenue Breakdown by RegionPercent Revenue Forecast by RegionPercent Revenue by RegionNorth American Biosensors Market—Revenue ForecastLatin American Biosensors Market—Revenue ForecastEuropean Biosensors Market—Revenue ForecastMiddle East & Africa Biosensors Market—Revenue ForecastAsia-Pacific Biosensors Market—Revenue ForecastEmerging End-user Markets by Key Geographic Regions and Countries (2015–2017) Geographic Revenue AnalysisBiosensor Design—Approval Process and Time to MarketApproval Process and Time to MarketConclusionsConclusionsConclusions (continued)Conclusions (continued)Conclusions (continued)The Last WordThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of Key Biosensors ManufacturersKey Rapid Detection Biosensors ManufacturersAbbreviations UsedFunding Agencies for Biosensor ResearchImplantable Biosensor Design Implantable Biosensor Design (continued)Key Biosensor PatentsKey Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Key Biosensor Patents (continued)Market Engineering Methodology





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