Artificial Intelligence (AI) - R&D and Applications Roadmap

AI Advancing in Leaps and Bounds, Taking Machines Closer To Achieving Human-Like Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged to be one of the most essential technologies to develop machine intelligence. The technology has advanced significantly over the ages to empower applications and machines to learn from its own experiences and perform autonomously. Technology evolution in the AI space is continuously driving the development of innovative applications across a wide range of industries.This research service focuses global R&D trends in AI space. The research service also highlights the key future opportunities of AI. In brief, this research service provides the following:a) A brief snapshot of BIb) Key benefits of AIc) Key drivers and challengesd) Detailed patent analysis of AIe) Key initia

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Key Findings1.3 Research Methodology2.0 Overview of the Topic2.1 Technology Snapshot2.2 AI Empowers Enhances Machine Efficiency2.3 Key Drivers for AI Development2.4 Key Challenges Hindering Innovation2.5 AI Technology Value Chain2.6 Key Stakeholder Groups in AI Technology Value Chain3.0 R&D Landscape3.1 R&D Trends – Overview3.2 AI Patent Publishing Rate Rising Consistently Every Year3.3 The United States Leads in Patenting Activities3.4 US Innovators Dominate with Maximum Granted Patents3.5 Majority of the Patents Revolve Around Neural Networks 3.6 R&D Initiatives Count Rises in the United States3.7 European Commission Driving Innovation in Europe3.8 China and Japan Competing Closely with Significant Initiatives3.9 US Projects Attracting Significant Funds 3.10 Funds for Europe are on the Rise3.11 China Leads the Funding Round 3.12 Japan and South Korea Securing Significant Funds for AI R&D4.0 The Future of AI4.1 Innovative Applications Will Surface by 2020 Powered by AI4.2 AI Application and Technology Convergence Roadmap – Graphical Representation4.3 Real Time Wearable Universal Translator – Enabling Ubiquitous Communications4.4 Real Time Emotion Analytics – Enabling Machines Understand Human Thoughts4.5 Thought Controlled Collaborative Gaming – Thought Replacing Joysticks and Controllers4.6 Virtual Companions – No More Loneliness for Elderly Population4.7 Next-gen Cloud Robotics – Enter Skynet4.8 Autonomous Surgical Robots – Surpassing Human Surgeons4.9 Cognitive Cybersecurity – The Era of Smart Security4.10 Robotic Personal Assistant – One Machine for All the Needs4.11 Thought Controlled Computing – Communicate with Any Machine Just by Thinking4.12 Robotic Firefighters – Saving Lives Where Humans Cannot Reach5.0 Growth Opportunities5.1 Growth Opportunities – Artificial Intelligence5.2 Strategic Imperatives for AI Technology Stakeholders6.0 Companies to Action6.1 Voice-driven Interface Development Platform MindMeld Inc., US7.0 Key Patents7.1 Key Patents7.1 Key Patents (continued)7.1 Key Patents (continued)7.1 Key Patents (continued)8.0 Analyst Insights8.1 Analyst Insights9.0 Key Contacts9.1 Key Contacts9.1 Key Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer10.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story10.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story10.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career10.3 Global Perspective10.4 Industry Convergence10.5 360º Research Perspective10.6 Implementation Excellence10.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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