Asia-Pacific Industrial Control Systems Security Market

Increased Threats Towards Critical Infrastructure Driving Demand for Better Security

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The study analyzes the Asia-Pacific industrial control systems (ICS) security market. In the 2010s, there were notable targeted attacks such as Stuxnet that attacked centrifuges, followed by a slew of attacks with code names such as Aurora, Flame, and Havex, discovered by various security vendors’ threat research and intelligence centers. The drive of Internet of Things (IoT) has driven several industries, such as smart manufacturing to adopt and embrace the advantages of connecting to the Internet, unknowingly exposing themselves and becoming more vulnerable to the threats IoT brings. The base year of the study is 2014, with forecasts up to 2019.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
2. Market Overview
Research Methodology
Geographical Coverage
Segmentation: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Region
Customer Segmentation
Qualified Vendor List
3. Trends in ICS Adoption of Internet Connectivity
The Drive Towards Internet Connectivity for ICS Networks
The Need of fast, Seamless Intelligence of Operations and Processes
Mobility and Reduced Operating Costs and Higher Safety
The Impact of Smart Cities’ Digital Transformation
4. Market Definition: Taxonomy of ICS Security Solutions
5. Composition of Industrial Control Systems
6. Threats Analysis
ICS Vulnerability Landscape—Asia-Pacific
Assessment of ICS Components Exposure
Vulnerability of ICS Systems
Percent of ICS Systems Connected Online
Threat Landscape—Nuclear Plants
Threat Landscape—Non-nuclear Energy Plants
Types of Non-nuclear Energy Plants in Asia-Pacific
Trends in ICS Security Adoption
Attack Vectors Towards Industrial Control Systems
Watering Hole Attack
Phishing (Social Engineering) based Attack Through Email
Infiltration by Removable Media (such as USB Drives)
Compromising Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Brute Force Attack onto Weak Authentication
Infiltration through Wireless Networks and Rouge WiFi Hotspots
Protocol Vulnerability Exploitation
Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Attacks
Cross Site Scripting (known as XSS)
ICS Threat Landscape
7. Drivers and Restraints
Key Market Drivers Explained
Awareness on cyber-attacks on ICS systems in major Asia-Pacific countries and the building of national Security Operations Centers (SOC) will increase visibility towards cyber threats
Organizations using ICS start adopting cyber security standards during the overhaul, improvement, or new implementation of industrial networks
Security compliance measures mandated by local governments will induce organizations handling ICS to adopt security
As industrial organizations adopt Internet of Things for the creation of smarter outcomes, it influences the need of ICS security during the design phase
Key Market Restraints Explained
The prioritization of availability over integrity and confidentiality results in lower focus for cyber security and more for productivity
The misconception of “air-gap” to protect industrial networks led to the belief that there is no need to invest in cyber security solutions
Uncertainty over offerings by vendors, and also a lack of understanding that is required for cyber security in OT causes doubts in choosing the right solutions for their organizations
Safety and uninterrupted operations trump cyber security for industrial networks, where security solutions could possibly interfere and disrupt their plant operations
8. Revenue Forecast
Trends in Adoption of ICS Security Solutions
Network Security—Firewalls and Secure Routers
Meeting Needs in Network Security for Operational Technology
ICS Application Whitelisting and Controls
Network Security—Unidirectional Security Gateways (data diodes)
Trends in ICS Security Guidelines/Standards Adoption
9. ICS Security Vendors Analysis: Definition of Categories
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Check Point Software Technologies
Cisco Systems
10. Other Notable ICS Security Vendors
Hitachi Solutions
JT Engineering
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
11. ANZ Breakdown
Revenue Forecast
ANZ ICS Security Market Discussion
12. ASEAN Breakdown
Revenue Forecast
ASEAN ICS Security Market Discussion
Key Plans and Initiatives by Governments Across Countries in ASEAN
13. Greater China Breakdown
Revenue Forecast
Greater China ICS Security Market Discussion
14. India Breakdown
Revenue Forecast
Indian ICS Security Market Discussion
15. Japan Breakdown
Revenue Forecast
Japanese ICS Security Market Discussion
16. South Korea Breakdown
Revenue Forecast
South Korean ICS Security Market Discussion
17. The Last Word: Three Big Predictions
18. Legal Disclaimer
19. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
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List of Figures & Charts

1. Total ICS Security Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Asia-Pacific, 2014
2. Nuclear Energy Plants in Asia-Pacific
3. Non-nuclear* Energy Plants in Asia-Pacific
4. Major ICS Cyber Attacks, Asia-Pacific, 2000–2012
5. Total ICS Security Market: Key Market Drivers, Asia-Pacific, 2015–2019
6. Damage from Trojan/Malware
7. Total ICS Security Market: Key Market Restraints, Asia-Pacific, 2015–2019

1. Total ICS Security Market: Research Methodology, Asia-Pacific
2. Total ICS Security Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Region, Asia-Pacific, 2014
3. Total ICS Security Market: Customer Segmentation, Asia-Pacific
4. Total ICS Security Market: Qualified Vendor List, Asia-Pacific, 2014
5. Number of ICS Components Connected to Internet, Asia-Pacific, 2014
6. Vulnerable ICS Systems, Asia-Pacific, 2014
7. Percent of ICS Systems Connected Online, Asia-Pacific, 2014
8. Percent of Nuclear Plants by Region, Asia-Pacific, 2014
9. Percent of Non-Nuclear* Energy Plants, Asia-Pacific, 2014
10. Percent of Non-nuclear Energy Plants, Asia-Pacific, 2014
11. ICS Threat Landscape
12. Total ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, Asia-Pacific, 2014–2019
13. ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, ANZ, 2014–2019
14. ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, ASEAN, 2014–2019
15. ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, Greater China, 2014–2019
16. ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, India, 2014–2019
17. ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, Japan, 2014–2019
18. ICS Security Market: Revenue Forecast, South Korea, 2014–2019

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