Banking-as-a-Service to Bring Agility and Flexibility to Financial Services, Forecast to 2023

Open Banking Becomes a Key Influencer of Customer Satisfaction and Retention

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  • Release Date : 11-Jul-2017
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Financial services industry has been remarkably disrupted by innovative technologies and new business models to-date. Customers are demanding more customer centric, digital solutions from banks as they are becoming more digitally aware of solutions that are being offered by companies outside financial services. The pace of innovation is rapid in financial services, and traditional banks and startups are gearing up for taking banking to the next level by making their databases open to third-party service providers that can build applications using a bank’s data. Some fintech startup companies such as SolarisBank and Fidor have launched core banking platforms, enabling plug-and-play model for a bank to operate with. These platforms give opportunities for banks to launch APIs at a quick and a rampant pace. This study aims to put in perspective the existing trends for Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) in financial services globally. The analysis will include the current challenges for adopting BaaS, drivers for the adoption of BaaS within financial services. This study also provides an insight on all the APIs that are currently being provided in banking and their workflows.

The analysis will include current challenges for adoption, a well-defined API workflow, and impact of BaaS on banking. This report also covers the top drivers and restraints that determine the adoption of BaaS. This report has a pictorial representation of the companies providing APIs and banking platforms.

Key Questions this Study will Answer

• What is BaaS?
• What are APIs?
• What are the current APIs that are available in the market currently?
• Who provide APIs?
• What is open banking?
• What are the challenges that impact the adoption of open banking?
• What are the drivers for the adoption of APIs?
• What are the top areas in banking that would get the best benefits from the adoption of APIs?
• How does BaaS impact the services and products that are provided by the financial organizatio
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