Biomarkers Enabling Diabetes and Obesity Management

Novel Biomarker Research is Likely to Transform the Future of Obesity and Diabetes Management

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Obesity and diabetes are areas of growing concern across both, developed and developing countries. The rising geriatric population is likely to contribute to an increased prevalence of obesity and diabetes across the global landscape. Biomarker research is likely to facilitate the emergence of novel tools that may be useful for enhanced management of obesity, diabetes and related complications in the near future. There are several biomarkers that are currently being studied for predicting the risk and progression of several diseases such as type 2 diabetes, diabetic kidney disease, obesity and related disorders. Furthermore, companies are looking to leverage new biomarker-based platforms for early diagnosis and

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research 1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (Continued)1.3 Key Findings2.0 Role of Biomarkers in Diabetes and Obesity Management2.1 Diabetes and Obesity Disorders Contribute to Global Mortality 2.2 Biomarker Platforms Lead Diverse Clinical and Research Applications2.3 Metabolomic and Proteomic Biomarker Assays Dominate the Technology Landscape2.4 Biomarkers Impact Diagnostic and Treatment Efficacy Applications across Diabetes and Obesity3.0 Impact Analysis and Assessment3.1 Summary of Key Industry Drivers and Restraints3.2 Industry Growth Likely to Be Fueled by Rising Demand for Personalized Medicine3.3 Biomarker Validation Likely to Limit Industry Growth3.4 Summary of Key Technology Drivers and Restraints3.5 Rapid Technological Advances are Likely to Drive the Growth of Novel Biomarker Platforms3.6 False Positive Results across Biomarker Studies are a Major Setback4.0 Basic Research Applications4.1 Biomarker Research Fuels Novel Scientific Discoveries4.2 Steady Growth in Biomarker Research Publications4.3 Significant Research Funding for Diabetes Biomarkers4.4 Metabolomic Biomarkers Likely to Emerge across Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity4.5 Metabolomic Biomarkers Likely to Emerge across Diabetes and Related Complications5.0 Diagnostic Applications5.1 Exploring Novel Diagnostic Biomarkers for Diabetes5.2 Novel Metabolomic Biomarker Panel for Diabetes5.3 Comprehensive Biomarker Testing Services Platform5.4 New Prognostic Biomarker for Diabetic Nephropathy5.5 Novel Assay for Diabetic Kidney Disease5.6 Advanced Glycation End Products as Diagnostic Biomarkers5.7 Novel Metabolomic Biomarker Profiling Platform6.0 Drug Discovery and Development Applications6.1 Obesity and Diabetes Biomarker Discoveries are Likely to Fuel Novel Therapies6.2 Ongoing Late Phase Clinical Studies are Indicative of the Emerging Potential of Diabetes and Obesity Biomarkers 6.3 Biomarkers Likely to Play a Larger Role in Diabetes Management6.4 Biomarkers Fuel Drug Target Studies across Diabetes and Obesity6.5 Companion Diagnostic Platform for Obesity Treatment6.6 Novel Companion Diagnostic Platform for Diabetes Management7.0 Strategic Insights and Future Perspectives7.1 Research and Development Partnerships Dominate the Collaborative Landscape7.2 Key Research and Development Partnerships7.3 Key Collaborations for Service Platforms, Product Licensing, and Commercialization7.4 North America Dominates the Regional Landscape for Biomarker Technologies across Diabetes and Obesity Indications 7.5 Technology Roadmap8.0 Overview of the Patent Landscape8.1 Patent Research Scope and Concepts8.2 Patent Applications for Diabetes and Obesity Biomarkers Likely to Increase in the Future8.3 US Leads the Global Patent Landscape for Diabetes and Obesity Biomarkers8.4 Life Science Companies Dominate the Patent Landscape9.0 Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action9.1 Growth Opportunity 1: Point-of-Care Diagnostics9.2 Growth Opportunity 2: Personalized Medicine9.3 Growth Opportunity 2: Patient Risk Stratification9.4 Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth 10.0 Appendix10.1 Key ContactsLegal Disclaimer11.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story11.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story11.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career11.3 Global Perspective11.4 Industry Convergence11.5 360º Research Perspective11.6 Implementation Excellence11.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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