Breakthrough Delivery Technologies For Flavors And Fragrances

Controlled Release of Volatile Active Compounds Made Possible Using Advanced Encapsulation Technologies

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in a controlled manner to provide long-lasting effects. With the demand for nutrition providing foods and customized products that provide different flavor and fragrance profiles, new developments in delivery technologies are expected in future.This research service titled “Breakthrough Delivery Technologies for Flavors and Fragrances” focuses on capturing recent innovations and developments with regard to encapsulation technologies used for delivery of flavors and fragrances. This research service includes a holistic analysis of the different processes used, which includes their technical capabilities, limitation factors affecting their adoption, and key stakeholders involved in technology adoption. Insigh

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Process & Methodology1.3 Key Findings: Demand for Natural Products and Changing Customer Perceptions Giving Rise to New Delivery Technologies2.0 Industry Overview2.1 Customized Encapsulation Processes and Improved Flavor Profiles are Key Demands for Flavor and Fragrances Delivery2.2 Encapsulation Technologies are Used for Controlled Delivery of Flavors and Fragrances2.3 Encapsulated Flavors Widely Used in Fine Fragrances while Encapsulated Fragrances are Widely Used in the Beverages Industry2.4 Demand for Compounds with Long-lasting Effects Drive Adoption2.5 Challenges Posed by Compliance of Materials Used With Regulations Imposed and Poor Product Standardization3.0 Types of Encapsulation Technologies3.1 Common Encapsulation Technologies Are Classified According to the Nature of the Methods Used3.2 Spray Drying Technologies Enable Continuous Production While Spray Chilling is a Simple and Low-cost Technology3.3 Extrusion-based Encapsulation Forms Particles With High Shelf-life3.4 Polymerization Technologies are Easy to Use but Demonstrate Poor Reproducibility3.5 Mapping of Technologies Illustrate Link Between Choice of Carrier/Core Material and End Use Applications4.0 Innovation Ecosystem4.1 Key Stakeholder Developments Allow Production of Stable Flavor Extracts 4.2 Technology Innovations Allow Formation of Extracts in Powder Form4.3 Key Developments in Control Released Fragrances Activated by Motion4.4 Fragrance Manufacturing Companies Predominantly Cater to the Detergent Industry 4.5 R&D Initiatives are Supplemented by Partnership Formation and Government Grants4.6 Funding Activities Involve Setting up of New R&D Facilities and New Product Commercialization4.7 Notable Joint Ventures and Acquisitions Pave Path for Process Innovations and New Product Development5.0 Patent Analysis5.1 Patent Analysis Shows More Number of Patents Granted on Flavor Encapsulation5.2 Patents on Polymerization Technologies Dominate, While Top Patent Assignees Mainly Include US-based Companies 6.0 Encapsulation Technologies –The Road Ahead6.1 Technology Roadmap Trends Toward Customization and Widening of Application Landscape7.0 Analyst Perspective7.1 Growth Opportunities Depend on Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Foray into Niche Products7.2 Key Strategic Planning Pointers Focus on Catering to Evolving Market Trends by Overcoming Technological Challenges Faced8.0 Key Patents8.1 Key Patents from North America8.2 Key Patents from Europe8.3 Key Patents from APAC8.4 Key Patents from WIPO9.0 Key Contacts9.1 Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer

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