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  1. Europe Contact Center BPO Market

    Europe Contact Center BPO Market

    Exponential Technological Change—How Might it Affect the World of BPO?

    Release Date : 14-Dec-2016 Region : Europe
    This market analysis study provides market sizing and forecasts for the European contact center outsourcing (BPO) market. European market revenue represents outsourcer revenues associated with customer interactions that originate in Europe, regardless of fulfillment model. The study provides breakdo...
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  2. Key BPO Technology Initiatives

    Key BPO Technology Initiatives

    Outsourcers Forging Ahead with Digital Intelligence

    Release Date : 10-Nov-2016 Region : North America
    The customer care outsourcing segment supporting carevolumes for North America is mature, highly fragmented, and competitive. Frost & Sullivan research has found that there are hundreds of customer care outsourcers in North America. While competition among vendors is fierce, there are fewer than twe...
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  3. Emerging Opportunities in African BPO Markets

    Emerging Opportunities in African BPO Markets

    Innovation Boosts Growth in Key African Countries

    Release Date : 27-Jul-2016 Region : Africa
    This research service provides an analysis of the BPO market across Africa, with Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, and Nigeria as the scope. The study includes market insights, overview of strategies of leading providers, regulatory considerations, economic impact assessment of the BPO market in the...
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  4. Top European BPO Providers in Customer Engagement, 2015

    Top European BPO Providers in Customer Engagement, 2015

    Amidst Shifting Corporate and Consumer Cultural Dynamics, Role of Millennials and Brand Strategies will be Key to Excelling in Rapidly Transforming Customer Contact Landscape

    Release Date : 17-Feb-2016 Region : Europe
    WThis Market Insight examines the BPO providers in Europe that were recognized by Frost & Sullivan as skillfully negotiating this changing customer contact landscape throughout 2015: Atento, SNT Deutschland, Teleperformance, Transcom, and Webhelp
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