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  1. Analysis of the Global Flow Cytometry Market

    Analysis of the Global Flow Cytometry Market

    Cartridge-based Next Generation Flow Cytometry Instruments Broaden Applications in Clinical Market

    Release Date : 17-Jul-2015 Region : North America
    Globally, flow cytometry remains a popular tool for research applications including immuno-phenotyping, cell proliferation, cancer, and stem cells. But the market is witnessing active partnerships in clinical applications primarily because of demand from underdeveloped nations to quantitate CD4 cell...
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  2. 2015 Global Survey on Flow Cytometry Adoption Trends

    2015 Global Survey on Flow Cytometry Adoption Trends

    An End-user Perspective

    Release Date : 13-May-2015 Region : North America
    The primary goal of this research is to analyze the utilization of flow cytometry instruments and reagents. Key information the survey seeks to collect include factors that drive the selection of flow cytometers, predominantly used applications for flow cytometers, respondents most preferred brands...
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  3. U.S. Flow Cytometry Markets

    U.S. Flow Cytometry Markets


    Release Date : 05-Mar-2008 Region : North America
    This research service analyzes the market for flow cytometry within the United States. The market was divided into the two segments. Each segment covers market trends, technology trends, competitive structure, market share analysis, revenue forecasts, market trends, and technology trends. The key ...

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