Digital Disruption of Industries—ICT Opportunities in Industrial Automation Industry

IT Service Providers Will Play a Key Role in the Industrial Internet of Things

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The emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies is leading to increased adoption of smart sensors, intelligence field devices, intelligence I/O modules, wireless technologies, cloud computing, and smart mobility. With the growth of the IIoT and smart plant technologies, there will be a larger role for IT service providers to play in the industrial automation industry. ICT providers will be strategic partners for automation vendors for successful implementation of a fully automated plant. Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Disruption of Industries Series deliverables offer ICT providers a detailed overview of vertical market opportunities. This report explores the opportunities for ICT providers in

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Global Automation Trends for 2016
Top IIoT Technology Trends in Process Automation
IIoT in Process Automation: Top Technology Trends, Global, 2015
ICT Spend in Europe by Industry Sector
ICT Spend in Manufacturing Industry by ICT Sub-sector
Relevance to the ICT Industry—How Hot is the Global Automation Market?
Recommendations for ICT Industry
2. Research Scope and Methodology
About Digital Disruption of Industries Series
Analysis of ‘White Space’ Opportunities for ICT Providers
Future of Process Automation
For More In-depth Coverage of Industrial Automation Market
3. Global Automation Market
Centralised to Distributed Co-ordinated Control
Industrial Controls Moving from Centralised to Truly Distributed, Global, 2016
Industrial Controls Moving from Centralised to Truly Distributed, Global, 2016
Convergence in Process & Discrete Automation Application, Global, 2016
Leading Process Automation Suppliers
Leading Discrete Automation Suppliers
Everything-as-a-Service Model
Emergence of Everything-as-a-Service Model, Global, 2016
Digital Software Platform for Industrial Application, Global, 2016
Emerging Model of Main Automation & Information Contractor, Global, 2016
IIoT in Process Automation—Application Overview
IIoT in Process Automation: Customer Adoption by Application, Global, 2015
IIoT Drives IP-addressable Devices in Process Industries
IIoT in Process Automation: Market Summary for Key Process Automation Field Technologies, Global, 2015
Cloudification of Industrial Data and Applications
Big Data Analytics
Strategic Partnerships
IIoT in Process Automation: Potential Strategic Partnerships Embracing Connectivity and Convergence, Global, 2014
Managed Automation Services
IIoT in Process Automation: Managed Automation Services, Global, 2015
IIoT in Process Automation: Managed Automation Services, Global, 2015
SAP’s Sensor-to-Enterprise Connectivity
Rockwell Automation’s Cloud Platform
4. Summary and Recommendations
Key Conclusions
2016 Industrial Automation Market
Converging Ecosystem of Participants in Global Automation Industry
Opportunities for Communication Equipment Vendors
Opportunities for Communication Service Providers
Opportunities for IT Service Providers
Opportunities for IT Hardware Vendors
Opportunities for IT Software Vendors
Mapping ICT to Vertical Industry Opportunities
Industry Trends
Current ICT Proposition
Development Opportunities
Legal Disclaimer
5. Appendix
Further Reading
6. The Frost & Sullivan Story
The Frost & Sullivan Story
Value Proposition—Future of Your Company & Career
Global Perspective
Industry Convergence
360º Research Perspective
Implementation Excellence
Our Blue Ocean Strategy

List of Figures & Charts

1. IIoT in Process Automation: Top 10 Industries by ICT Spend, Europe, 2020
2. IIoT in Process Automation: ICT Segment-wise Spend in Manufacturing, Europe, 2014–2020
3. IIoT in Process Automation: Percent Value by Application Segments, Global, 2015
4. IIoT in Process Automation: Big Data for the Manufacturing Domain—Summary of Key Market Opportunities, Global, 2014–2021

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