Emerging Woundcare Technologies

A Shift Toward Regenerative, Personalized Wound Care

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Wounds are known to have major impact on patient function and quality of life and may be even life-threatening. To address the range of complex wound care industry challenges, there is an influx of technologies such as sensor technology, information and communication technology, 3D printing technology or the advanced stem cells technology. Integration of these technologies into the wound care product can help improve care and patient outcomes, and give it a competitive advantage over the traditional wound care products.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Scope of Research1.2 Research Methodology1.2 Research Methodology (continued)1.3 Emerging Technologies Enabling the Growth of the Future Wound Care Industry2.0 Industry Overview2.1 Wound Care Industry Adopting Innovative Technologies to Meet Industry Challenges2.2 Wound Care Industry is Focused on Bioactive, Personalized Wound Care Products 2.3 Emerging Technologies Enabling the Future of Wound Care3.0 Impact of Emerging Technologies3.1 3D Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Wound Care3.1.1 3D Advanced Manufacturing Technology Compensating for Skin Structure in Severe Burns and Chronic Wounds3.1.2 Advent of Skin Engineering Driving the Innovation for Improved Wound Healing3.1.3 Innovations in 3D-printed Skin/Tissue Technology3.1.4 3D Printed Skin/Tissue for Wound Regeneration3.2 Information and Communication Technology in Wound Care3.2.1 Information and Communication Technologies Facilitating Connected Health and Home Wound Care Management3.2.2 Information Technology Enabling Wound Assessment and Best Practice Treatment Insights Driving Industry Growth3.2.3 Digital Solutions for Remote Wound Care3.2.4 Mobile Applications for Wound Tracking and Assessment3.2.5 Cloud Technology-enabled Wound Management System3.3 Tissue Regeneration (Stem Cell Technology) –based Wound Care3.3.1 Stem Cell Technology for Regenerative Wound Healing3.3.2 Stem Cell Extraction and Viability Remains a Challenge in Implementing Regenerative Medicine into Wound Care3.3.3 University Research on Regenerative Bandages3.3.4 Regenerative Wound Care Products Mimicking the Natural Wound Healing Process3.4 Advanced Sensor Technology-based Wound Care3.4.1 Point-of-Care Wound Assessment and Monitoring Using Biosensors in Wound Care Products3.4.2 Standardization of Wound Assessment and Improved Diagnosis Driving the Adoption of Sensors in to Wound Care Products3.4.3 University Innovations in Sensor Integrated Smart Bandages and Dressings3.4.4 Advanced Sensors for Wound Care Diagnostics and Telehealth Integration3.5 Technology Convergence Scenario3.5.1 Technology Convergence Scenario for Wound Care Industry3.5.2 Convergence of Sensor Technology and Machine Learning into a Wound Care Mobile Solution3.5.3 Sensor and Wireless Technology Integrated Smart Bandages4.0 Assessment of Investment Ecosystem 4.1 Increased Funding for Wound Care Research by the US Department of Health and Human Services4.2 Federal Research Funding Directed toward Cell Therapy-based Wound Healing4.3 High Venture Funding in Wound Management Services5.0 Strategic Insights and Future Perspectives 5.1 Greater Wound Care Clinical Trials for Diabetic Foot Ulcer or Skin Ulcer Indication5.2 Strategic Insights for Wound Care Industry5.3 Future Perspective: Emerging Technology Roadmap in Wound Care Industry6.0 Overview of the Patent Landscape 6.1 Patent Research Scope and Concepts6.2 Flourishing Patent Scenario in Wound Care Market6.3 Medical Device Companies Dominate the Patent Landscape6.4 Recent Patents Related to 3D Printed Skin Grafts6.5 Recent Patents Related to Digital Wound Care6.6 Recent Patents Related to Stem Cells-based Wound Care6.7 Recent Patents Related to Use of Sensors in Wound Healing7.0 Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action 7.1 Growth Opportunity: Real-Time, Point-Of-Care Wound Diagnostics7.2 Growth Opportunity: Smart Bandages for Wound Care7.3 Growth Opportunity: Personalized Wound Care Treatment7.4 Strategic Imperatives for the Success and Growth of the Wound Care Industry 7.5 List of Key Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer8.0 The Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Journey to Visionary Innovation8.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story8.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career8.3 Global Perspective8.4 Industry Convergence8.5 360º Research Perspective8.6 Implementation Excellence8.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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