Future of Diabetes Care Paradigms, Forecast to 2022

Innovations to Disrupt Diabetes Wellness, Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Therapy

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Diabetes management is on the verge of being disrupted by innovative technologies such as artificial pancreas, non-invasive glucose monitoring sensors, wearables, apps, and inhalable insulin. This research study captures all the innovative developments across the segments of wellness, diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy of the diabetes care continuum, covering the global market.

Diabetes remains one of the top causes of mortality, and health expenditure on the disorder and its complications is set to rise 19% annually until 2040, to reach $802 billion.

•     Beyond the traditional focus and high-interest areas of monitoring and therapy, rising diabetes prevalence and costs are resulting in the focus gradually shifting to preventing diabetes, and on the overall wellbeing of diabetics and pre-diabetics, resulting in the highest double-digit growth of the wellness segment.
•     Diagnosis, however, remains a neglected aspect of diabetes and novel approaches may be necessary to improve screening and diagnosing patients earlier to save on long-term costs.
•     Monitoring developments that help improve the quality of life of diabetics include blood glucose monitoring tech advances (traditional glucometers and also semi-invasive, implants, and non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring systems), data analytics support, care delivery support, and overall diabetes management support in the form of apps, telehealth, and insulin dosing calculation support.
•     Therapy, the largest segment, is also seeing several improvements in terms of better drugs, combination drugs, better insulin forms, and better delivery mechanisms. Of course, the main development in this segment is that of artificial pancreas—there is one commercially available system and several being developed with varying approaches and features. The other notable “permanent cure” approach is cell therapy involving regenerative medicine techniques with variations in the approaches for transplantation.

The study provides an exhaustive coverage of the overall diabetes ecosystem, with strong focus on startups, apart from the existing stakeholders. It also analyzes the role that technology giants such as Alphabet (née Google) and IBM are playing in the diabetes space. An overview of several innovative diabetes care delivery models from across the world is also included. The study would be valuable for diabetes stakeholders to chart out their strategies for future collaborations and partnerships, while keeping a watchful eye on the competition.

Key questions this study will answer:
•     How is the diabetes burden evolving across the globe?
•     How are market forces and trends shaping the diabetes market and the segments of wellness, diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy?
•     What gaps in diabetic care need to be filled to address the unmet needs of diabetics?
•     What are the technological developments in the industry that attempt to address such unmet needs?
•     How have some care models perfected diabetes management, catering to local needs? What are some future perspectives for the industry?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Scope and Segmentation
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
Executive Summary—3 Big Predictions
2. Diabetes—A Growing Concern
Diabetes Global Statistics
3. Regional Insights
Regional Distribution of Diabetics
4. Diabetes Care Continuum
Care Continuum
5. Drivers, Restraints, and Trends—Total Diabetes Care Market
Market Drivers
Rising prevalence of diabetes globally
Chronic nature of diabetes necessitates lifelong management
Gaps in available tools drive demand for innovation and better tools for improved management of disease
Rising awareness on diabetes management, complications and on technological developments to improve diabetic control
Market Restraints
High costs for diabetes management along with evolving reimbursement landscapes promote lack of adherence or discontinuation
Competitive pricing due to reimbursement pressures lead to lower revenue and profits
Rigid regulatory requirements and evolving guidance for technological advances slow down time to market
Market Impact of Top 10 Trends
6. Forecasts—Total Diabetes Care Market
Market Engineering Measurements
Revenue Forecast
7. Segment Forecasts
Revenue Forecast by Segment
Percent Revenue Breakdown by Segment
Wellness Segment
Diagnosis Segment
Monitoring Segment
Therapy Segment
8. Future Wellness
Diabetes Wellness Spectrum
Social Wellness
Emotional Wellness
Physical Wellness—Activity
Physical Wellness—Nutrition
Diabetes Prevention Platforms
Real-time Personalization in Physical Wellness Platforms
Financial Wellness
Improving Diabetes Wellness
9. Future Diagnosis
Diabetes Diagnosis—A Global Concern
Screening for Diabetes
Diagnosing Diabetes
Diagnosing Diabetic Complications
10. Future Monitoring
Beyond Glucose and HbA1c
Aspects of Monitoring Diabetes
Blood Glucose Monitoring Advancements
Data Analytics Support
Care Delivery Support
Diabetes Management Support
Diabetes Management Support—Apps and Gamification
Diabetes Management Support—Telemedicine
Diabetes Management Support—Medication Adherence
Diabetes Management Support—Insulin Dose Logging
Diabetes Management Support—Calculating Dosage
Diabetes Management Support—Integrative Approach
Diabetes Management Support—Hypoglycemic Alerts
11. Future Therapy
Key Innovations in Diabetes Therapy—A Snapshot
Future Therapeutic Approaches
Improvements—Better Drugs
Improvements—Better Insulin
Improvements—Better Delivery Mechanisms
Novel Approaches—Drug Combinations
Novel Approaches—Platforms
Novel Approaches—Other
Permanent Cure—Artificial Pancreas
Permanent Cure—Cell Therapy
Vaccines Approach
Recent Advancements in the Insulin Market
Future Directions in Therapy
12. Innovative Care Delivery Models
Case—Sughavazhvu (SV) Healthcare
Case—Clinicas del Azucar (Sugar Clinics)
Case—Pro Mujer
13. Perspectives for the Future
Transformation in the Industry Ecosystem
Innovative Growth Strategy
Industry Trajectories—Monitoring and Drug Therapy
Industry Trajectories—Device Therapy
Learnings—Inhaled Insulin Failures and Strategies
Technology Companies in Diabetes
Connected Diabetes Devices and Cybersecurity
14. Conclusion
Key Concluding Thoughts and Vision for the Industry
Diabetes Management in 2025
3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
15. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Acronyms & Abbreviations
Food Scanners—A Detailed Overview
Learn More—Next Steps
16. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total Diabetes Care Market: Key Market Drivers, Global, 2017–2022
2. Total Diabetes Care Market: Key Market Drivers, Global, 2017–2022
3. Total Diabetes Care Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016

1. Total Diabetes Care Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
2. Total Diabetes Care Market: Health Expenditure on Diabetes, Global, 2015 and 2040
3. Adult Mortality by Disease, Global, 2013 and 2015
4. Total Diabetes Care Market: Estimated Diabetics (20–79 years) by Region, Global, 2015 and 2040
5. Total Diabetes Care Market: Estimated Diabetics (20–79 years) by Region, Global, 2015 and 2040
6. Total Diabetes Care Market: Distribution of Diabetics (20–79 years) by Region, Global, 2015 and 2040
7. Total Diabetes Care Market: Impact of Top 10 Trends, Global, 2016
8. Total Diabetes Care Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2016–2022
9. Total Diabetes Care Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, Global, 2016–2022
10. Total Diabetes Care Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Segment, Global, 2016
11. Total Diabetes Care Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Segment, Global, 2022
12. Total Diabetes Care Market: CAGR by Segment, Global, 2016–2022
13. Wellness Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-Segment, Global, 2016–2022
14. Diagnosis Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-Segment, Global, 2016–2022
15. Monitoring Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-Segment, Global, 2016–2022
16. Therapy Segment: Revenue Forecast by Sub-Segment, Global, 2016–2022
17. Total Diabetes Care Market: Status of Diabetes Wellness Areas, Global, 2016
18. Total Diabetes Care Market: Estimated Proportion of Undiagnosed Diabetics (20–79 years) by Region, Global, 2015




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