Future Opportunites for 3D Integrated Circuits

3D Stacked Memory and 3D MEMS Driving Opportunities in Consumer Electronics and Communication Markets

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3D Integrated Circuit technology enables the development of high performing microchips with small form factor and low-power consumption capability. With the growing demand for miniaturization in industries like consumer electronics and information and communication technology, 3D ICs are actively being considered as the ideal solution. The key requirements of modern day electronic devices are enhanced storage capability, low power requirements, efficient thermal management components, high-speed data transmission, high-speed data processing, high brightness lighting, connected and smart devices. These requirements from the consumer end of the supply chain are the key driving forces behind growth in 3D IC techno

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 3D Integration Technology Categorization1.5 Key Findings – Significance, R&D Focus Areas, and Applications 1.6 Key Findings – Global Challenges and Scenario, Industry Initiatives2.0 Technological and Market Landscape2.1 Three-dimensional Integrated Circuits – An Introduction2.2 High Bargaining Power of Suppliers and Threat of New Entrants Impacting Attractiveness of 3D IC Industry2.3 Continuing Demand for Smartphones and Expected Increase in Cost Currently Driving Opportunities in 3D ICs2.4 Key Drivers Explained2.5 High Cost and Technological and Process Challenges Currently Limiting Opportunities for 3D ICs2.6 Key Market Restraints Explained2.7 Technological Drivers and Challenges2.8 Technological Drivers2.9 Technological Challenges3.0 Technology Snapshot of 3D Integrated Circuits3.1 3D IC Packaging Techniques Enable Vertical Integration3.2 3D Monolithic Integration3.3 3D Integration – Die Singulation3.4 3D Integration – Stacking Orientation3.5 3D Integration – Bonding Technique3.6 3D Integration – Through Silicon Vias3.7 3D Integration – Wafer Type4.0 Patent and Funding Analysis4.1 APAC and NA Actively Focusing on R&D in 3D Integration Technology4.2 Research on Through Silicon Via is Actively Pursued Across the Globe4.3 Pursuit of Technological and Market Leadership Outlines Funding Trends5.0 3D Integration with TSV Interconnect Technology5.1 Introduction to TSV Technology5.2 3D IC Enabled with TSV is the Next Frontier in 3D Integration Technology5.3 Interconnect Drilling, Wafer Thinning and Stacking form Core TSV Interconnect Process Technology5.4 Key Innovation Profile – Allvia Inc.5.5 Key Innovation Profile – Amkor Technologies5.6 Key Innovation Profile – Novati Technologies5.7 Key Innovation Profile – Aveni 5.8 Key Innovation Profile – STATS ChipPAC5.9 Key Players in 3D IC Industry6.0 3D IC Product and Application Landscape6.1 Memory, Microelectromechanical Systems, and Image Sensors are Key Products Enabled with 3D IC6.2 Consumer Electronics, ICT, and Aerospace are Major Application Areas of 3D IC6.3 Product – Application Impact Matrix6.4 Impact of Products on Application Areas Explained7.0 Strategic Insights on 3D ICIndustry7.1 Integrated Technology Roadmap7.2 Integrated Technology Roadmap Explained – 3D Integration Enabled Products Driving Futuristic Innovations in Major industries7.3 Growth Opportunities7.4 Key Questions for Strategic Planning8.0 Key Patents8.1 Key Patents8.1 Key Patents (continued) 9.0 Key Industry Contacts9.1 Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer10.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story10.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story10.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career10.3 Global Perspective10.4 Industry Convergence10.5 360º Research Perspective10.6 Implementation Excellence10.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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