Global Oil Markets Outlook, 2017

Gasoline demand is likely to be driven by emerging markets while developed economies move toward fuel efficient / electric vehicles

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With the current drop in crude oil prices, major suppliers of crude oil are looking to diversify their oil and gas portfolios to include refinery products and petrochemicals. Some older refineries in Europe have also temporarily become profitable to operate. Further, the success of Shale Gas and Oil has created self-sufficiency in the US and is pushing it toward increased exports. All these have resulted in major changes in the trade flow of many refinery products across the globe. Demand, driven by Asian countries, and implementation of regulations related to sulphur and other pollutants, especially in the developed economies, is further expected to change the global oil and gas landscape. This study critic

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Global Oil Markets Outlook, 2017 Scope & Limitations Scope & LimitationsMacroeconomic TrendsMiddle Class and wage-earning population in emerging markets is expected to create energy demand in the future Global Crude Oil MarketCrude oil is expected to play a key role in global economic growth, especially contributing to the transport sectorTo cater to rising demand, Asia is adding refining capacity, importing crude oil from the Middle East and North AmericaOil Products OutlookPetroleum products are expected to grow in demand except for fuel oil, which is under regulatory scrutinyGasoline demand growth is to be driven by emerging markets while developed economies move toward fuel efficient / electric vehiclesAs energy efficient vehicles become the norm in the US and the EU, these regions are expected to have gasoline surplusesN. America and Middle East will dominate gasoline exports targeting Latin America and Asia, respectively Diesel demand growth is expected to be driven by Asia, especially India & China, and is linked to growth in their industrial sectorsShale boom contributes to North America’s production increase while Europe faces capacity constraintsNorth America and Middle East are likely to dominate diesel exports with Europe being the key target marketPenetration of low cost air carriers in emerging markets and growth in the Chinese airlines market likely to power jet fuel demandStagnating demand for jet fuel in North America is expected to bring excess capacity which may be taken up by growing marketsMiddle East and China, with ambitious plans for their aviation sectors, set to be the target for Other Asian countries and EuropeEnvironmental and regulatory concerns will likely lead to fuel oil demand drop in all markets except Africa and Middle EastThough there is an expected demand drop for fuel oil, Asia is expected to face a large deficitEven with an overall demand decline, fuel oil trade is expected to be robust as demand exists in pockets across regionsAsia is expected to be a major consumer of LPG driven by demand for residential fuel and chemical feedstockMiddle East will continue to be a major producer of LPG with an estimated 50% as surplusExporters are likely to see increased competition due to excess supply and lack of alternativesNaphtha demand is expected to rise but renaissance of gas-based petrochemical production causes challengesMiddle East emerges as a key market for naphtha, in the long term, driven by increasing demand for petrochemical productsShale gas boom is expected to change the dynamics of naphtha trade pitting it against LPGKey TakeawaysEmerging markets are expected to power growth of oil products…… while US shale influences major changes in global trade dynamicsAnnexure: Our ServicesMaximize opportunities from existing products and markets; systematically explore new products and markets including inorganic OpportunitesGrowth Consulting—Service OfferingsLegal Disclaimer




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Release Date : 12-Dec-2013

Region : South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

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