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Information technology (IT) is becoming one of the major contributors of gross domestic product (GDP) growth recorded in India in recent years. It is primarily driven by IT services industry. India is empowering world’s biggest corporates through its IT services; however, back home, it still lacks the basic infrastructure to compete with the global markets. In spite of revolutionizing the IT industry worldwide, major areas such as government sector that serves as a custodian for information and communication technology (ICT) adoption in rural markets (around 67 percent of the total population in India as of 2015 is in rural markets, according to World Bank) are slow in the uptake of new advanced ICTs for improved efficiency in service delivery and monitoring.

With an objective to address this issue, Indian Government in 2014 launched a comprehensive program called Digital India, which focuses on several aspects from building the backend technologies for effective connectivity in rural areas to digital empowerment of the citizens of the country and transforming government to e-government services. This initiative is not only restricted to the scope of the Digital India campaign but also fuels innovations in other ICT areas to support the initiative.

There are several technology areas under ICT such as data acquisition, data analysis, and data distribution that are experiencing innovations in recent years in India driven by government support. This research service explores the impact of digitization on the ICT industry in India. The report also highlights the key enabling technologies and their convergence prospects to envision the future opportunities of growth in the region for both Indian technology developers as well as for participants from outside India to penetrate into the Indian market.

In brief, this research service provides the following:
A brief snapshot of the Digital India program and its need
Initiative from the government to facilitate digitization in India
Key ICTs facilitating digitization in India
Key participants under each enabling technology segments
Impact and growth prospect of the ICT industry through digitization
Key future ready innovations from the region

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Key Findings2.0 Overview of the Topic2.1 Digital India Initiative2.2 Factors Driving Transformation in India2.3 What Indian Government Is Trying to Do ? 2.4 Initiatives Facilitating Digitization2.5 Policies and Initiatives Facilitating ICT Industry Growth2.5 Policies and Initiatives Facilitating ICT Industry Growth (continued)2.6 Key ICTs under the Spotlight3.0 Technologies Driving Digital Transformation in India3.1 Cloud Computing Facilitating Digitization3.2 Companies at the Forefront of the Cloud Computing Market in India3.3 Big Data Trend in India Facilitating Digitization3.4 Companies at the Forefront of the Big Data Market in India3.5 Broadband Trends in India Facilitating Digitization3.6 Companies at the Forefront of the Broadband Market in India3.7 Mobile Application Development Trends in India Facilitating Digitization3.8 Companies at the Forefront of the Mobile Application Market in India4.0 What the Digital India Revolution Means to the ICT Industry ?4.1 Impact on Key Technology Segments4.2 Cyber Security Market Opportunities in India4.3 Key Innovations in Cyber Security Market in India4.4 Analytics Market Opportunities in India4.5 Key Innovations in Analytics Market in India4.6 Internet of Things Market Opportunities in India4.7 Key Innovations in Internet of Things Market in India5.0 Analyst Insights5.1 Analyst Insights6.0 Key Contacts6.1 Key Contacts6.1 Key Contacts (continued)6.1 Key Contacts (continued)6.1 Key Contacts (continued)Legal Disclaimer7.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story7.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story7.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career7.3 Global Perspective7.4 Industry Convergence7.5 360º Research Perspective7.6 Implementation Excellence7.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

ict technologies driving digital india
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ict technologies driving digital india

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