Additives Market Research

  1. 11 Mar 2015  |  North America

    Strategic Analysis of the Global Fuel Additives Market

    Increased Fuel Consumption Steers Additive Demand in APAC and ROW Markets

    This research service identifies major industry drivers, restraints, regional trends, and technology trends in the fuel additives market. It is an in-depth analysis of gasoline and diesel fuel additives used across different regions, along with specific trends within different additives such as deposit control, cetane improvers, cold flow, antioxid...


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  2. 12 Feb 2015  |  North America

    Opportunities for Additives in the European and North American Engineering Plastics Industry

    Automotive Lightweighting Leads to Increased Demand for Antioxidants and Light Stabilizers

    This market insight identifies the major impact factors affecting the European and North American engineering plastics additives market. The product segments are flame retardants, impact modifiers and processing aids, antioxidants, and light stabilizers. Revenue forecasts are provided at the regional level for each segment from 2014 to 2019 using a...


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  3. 03 Feb 2015  |  North America

    Strategic Analysis of the European and North American Plastics Additives Market

    The Building and Construction Industry Drives Market Growth

    This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regulatory trends, and technology trends affecting the European and North American plastics additives market. The product segments covered in this research are plasticizers, flame retardants, impact modifiers and processing aids, antioxidants, stabilizers, and organic peroxide...


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  4. 08 Mar 2013  |  North America

    North American Sensory and Textural Food Additives Market

    The Health and Wellness Mega Trend Influences the Inclusion of Natural Additives in Food and Beverage Applications

    This market insight covers the North American sensory and textural food additives market. It examines market dynamics and drivers and restraints for sensory and textural food additives. Sensory food additives are further segmented into colors and flavors, while textural food additives are further segmented into emulsifiers, modified starches, and g...


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  5. 29 Aug 2012  |  North America

    North American Shelf-life Extension Food Additives Market

    Vitamin E Raw Material Crunch is Expected to Push Prices Further Up

    This research service examines the North American shelf-life extension food additives market. The study reviews market engineering measurements and provides a market overview, forecasts and trends, pricing analysis, vertical market analysis, competitive analysis, and market share analysis at the total market level. Segments covered include natural ...


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  6. 07 Aug 2012  |  North America

    Analysis of the Fuel Additives Market

    Increasing Biofuels Usage to Alter Requirements

    This research service presents a strategic analysis of the North American market for fuel additives, which is expected to continue growing primarily because of legislative demands that encourage greater use. In this study, the market is segmented by gasoline and diesel additives, and information is provided regarding the additive types within each ...


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  7. 06 Jun 2012  |  North America

    Analysis of the Shelf-life Food Additives Market

    A Growing Market with a Natural Trend Future

    The Mexican shelf-life food additive market is growing due to an increase in convenience food demand and demographic changes. Hindered phenols have the biggest market share, followed by ascorbates acid, herbal extracts, and tocopherols. Within the different antioxidants segments, herbal extracts will lead growth due to healthy food consumption tren...


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  8. 05 Jun 2009  |  North America

    The U.S. Dry Mix Mortar Additives Market

    This research service analyses the U.S. dry mix mortar additives market. This research service has been segmented based on chemical category. These segments include defoamers, hydrophobizing agents, cellulose ethers, redispersible powders, and others (air-entrainers, plasticizers, starch ethers etc.). In each segment, market drivers, restraints, ma...


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  9. This research service analyzes the consumers' choice of omega-3 nutrient products. It looks into various aspects such as consumer awareness, consumption patterns and purchase intentions of consumers.


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  10. 22 May 2007  |  North America

    U.S. Metalworking Fluid Additives Markets

    This research service analyzes the U.S. market for metalworking fluid additives. It provides definitions of the constituent market segments and an overview of the market structure. Apart from describing drivers and restraints and how they are impacting the market, it also provides a discussion on product, revenue forecasts, pricing overview and l...


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