Bus Market

  1. 08 Nov 2022  |  Europe

    Strategic Insights on the Turkish Bus Market, Forecast to 2030

    Well-established Local OEMs with Strong Electric Portfolios Will Proliferate in the Alternative Powertrain Space

    Turkey is one of the biggest manufacturing bases in Europe for connected vehicles (CVs), particularly truck and bus production. The country’s strategic position appeals to global automotive companies in terms of founding a production plant and the advantages of relatively cheap labor and beneficial logistics when moving products to their final de...


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  2. 30 Dec 2014  |  Europe

    Strategic Outlook of Select Western European Mini-Midibus Markets

    The United Kingdom and France Will Be the Top 2 Markets, with 50% of Sales

    The Western European mini-midibus market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% between 2013 and 2020. The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain are expected to account for about 73% of the total market. The top 5 markets are likely to grow at a CAGR of 2.6%. Spain shows high growth potential, as mini-midibuses are likely to be preferred...


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  3. 09 Jul 2013  |  Europe

    Strategic Analysis of the Turkish Medium-Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Market

    Sales to Exceed 75,000 by 2020

    The study provides the current market size of medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and midibuses in Turkey, along with a detailed analysis of market participants. It includes an analysis on opportunities for global companies in the Turkish market, with key insights and strategies of domestic manufacturers. It also includes in-depth analysis of mar...


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