CASE & Construction Chemicals

  1. 09 Mar 2016  |  North America

    Global Photovoltaic Materials Market, Forecast to 2022

    Decreasing Grid Parity of Solar Energy to Spur Revenue and Unit Shipment Growth

    Market consolidation in Europe and North America is due to increasing imports from Asia-Pacific, a result of the over-supply of materials manufacturing. The largest market, APAC constitutes over 70% of global PV materials consumption, yet growing adoption of premium products such as BIPV in Europe and NA is expected to boost revenues. This study ex...


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  2. 29 Feb 2016  |  North America

    Global Pigments Markets, Forecast to 2020

    Shifting Consumer Trends and Regulatory Compliance to Boost Growth, Increasing Demand for Vibrant Colors, Aesthetics and Performance to Benefit Metallic Pigments

    Top industry drivers (e.g., regulations, specialty paints, packaging applications, vehicle coating), restraints (e.g., supply deficit/surplus, online publishing), regulatory (US and Europe) and technology trends (e.g., encapsulated pigments) affecting the global pigments market are discussed. The product segments include organic, inorganic, and met...


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  3. 08 Feb 2016  |  North America

    Global Process and Production Chemicals for Electronics, Forecast to 2021

    Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Smaller Nodes to Drive Growth in Materials

    This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regulatory trends, and technology trends affecting the global market for process and production chemicals for electronics. The product segments covered in this research are semiconductor materials and PCB chemicals. Semiconductor materials market is subdivided into fabrication...


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  4. 21 Jan 2016  |  North America

    Acoustic Insulation and Vibration Materials in Construction Applications Market, Forecast to 2022

    Acoustic Insulation Materials Segment to Dominate as Clamour for Reduced Noise in Workplaces Rises

    This research service provides a detailed analysis of the North American and European acoustic insulation and vibration materials market in construction applications with a study period of 2011 to 2021. The scope of the study covers the major materials used in acoustic insulation and vibration applications. The study provides detailed revenue forec...


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