Connected Living

  1. 26 Oct 2013  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

    Analysis of the LED Lighting Market in the GCC

    Energy Efficient and Cost Effective Technology Resolves Energy Issues for a Greener Environment

    There has been a swift flow of infrastructure investments in the Middle East region, especially in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries such as KSA and Qatar due to rising population and the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022. Government legislations mandating the usage of energy efficient lighting in this region and growing environmental concern ...

  2. 30 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

    Asia-Pacific Environmental Sector - Macro to Micro Implications of Mega Trends till 2025

    Long-term Returns are Expected Due to Sector Resilience

    This study provides an insight into the key Mega Trends regarding the environmental sector in Asia-Pacific. Global Mega Trends, such as urbanization and economic and technological development, are changing the demographics and financial outlook in Asia-Pacific, and these will in turn shape the regions environmental sector. The macro implications e...

  3. 03 May 2013  |  Europe

    European Building Automation Systems Market

    Energy Efficiency Needs in Existing Buildings Create Demand in the Market

    Retrofitting of existing buildings contributes a major share in the European building automation systems (BAS) market. The BAS market discussed is segmented into office buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, wholesale and retail trade buildings, industrial buildings, and other building. The convergence of information communication and technol...